Angel on Earth

This blog will somewhat stray from my Awesomism posts, but this is about a truly awesome person, who has made a major impact in my life as well as so many others.

Before I tell you how Michele touched my life, let me introduce you to her. She is one of those people you meet and from the start you are amazed at her genuine spirit and love. She has dedicated her life to helping others. First going into the inner city where no one else would and helping those who others have discarded. Her faith in others and in what is right has guided her to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. She has seen it all, from gangs to homeless. She didn’t fear them, instead she worked to be the best she could be to help them. She never met an issue she was afraid to take on. So many have come back to her years later and told her if it wasn’t for her they would never be where they are now.  She became a massage therapist so she could not only heal others bodies, but their minds and hearts. She does it with a selfless spirit, not for fame, recognition or applause, but because she believes in the best of each of us. I asked her if she was ever afraid, as she has been places I dare say most of us wouldn’t go.She said no because she knew she was guided to people so she could help them, even if they didn’t ask for the help. She is a very special lady, one of those that inspires everyone around them to be a better person.

Ever have one of those nonstop days that you feel stressed, frustrated, fed up and so much more? Well, I was going through one of those years….as a result of this,I get migraines. I was having a particularly bad few days and was nursing a horrid migraine. We have a ‘wellness account’ at Elements Massage for just such occasions. I phoned one morning to see if there was any availability with a person I had gone to a couple of times and felt comfortable with. I was told he had no openings but Michele happened to be free and they said she was great. I wasn’t too happy and declined, when I got off the phone I told Mark how disappointed I was. He then coaxed me to try Michele, saying it would help, if nothing else, give me some relief from my migraine, I finally agreed and set the appointment. This turned out to be a life changer.

Michele was very sweet when I met her, I told her I had a horrid migraine and asked to her work the muscles in my neck, she said she would and began to work my neck and shoulders. Then something amazing happened, she began to talk with me about the underlying reason for this stress. She said please release it, she listened and truly cared. Release it I did! She is trained in mind, body, emotional and spiritual healing. It was amazing to me how as the hour flew by, I felt so much better in every aspect. She helped me realize people in my life who dragged me down, not built me up and got me to understand it was not only ok to release them from my life, but it was a cleasening I needed. She talked to me about being someone who faces their issues and works through them versus someone who excuses bad behavior of everyone around them. She talked me through so many issues all while releasing the muscle stress in my neck and shoulders. My eyes began to tear, my nose was running, I could feel so much negativity leaving me. I walked out of there feeling so much better in every aspect. Mark was waiting for me and when he asked how it was, I was so overwhelmed with emotion I couldn’t express it all! Michele has been beyond words . I went to see her again and once again more negativity released itself. I went to see her a couple of days ago and I could see she had something on her mind, but I never expected what she told me, she is moving to Las Vegas, I truly cried when I heard. She explained why and I understand and she is looking to come back now and then as I am not the only one she deeply touched. She is someone who touches everyone she meets, her heart is in it for the right reasons and even if I never see her again, she will have such a positive impact on my life. I truly do believe after meeting her, that Angels do walk among us.

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