This is not a topic I like to even think about, let alone write about. I tweet anti-bullying messages and make my feelings known. I find bullies to be some of the most heartless people. It amazes me even on Twitter how people think it makes them look “tough”.. if only they would realize how weak and insecure it makes them look. I think we all have personal bullying stories and I know my older kids have been bullied when they were young. To this day it makes me upset, yes I am a momma bear. When my older kids were young, I could explain to them better about Bullies. Not that it made it any easier, but they understood that people are cruel, because of their own issues.This isn’t always so easy with Peyton, and it hurts my heart. Peyton is homeschooled so we don’t run into as much, but he has experiences with it. When my older kids were young there wasn’t the huge influx of social media, like now, so it seems to be even wider spread now, and harder to protect. 

I am big supporter of social media when it is used properly. Unfortunately too often people use it to make themselves something they aren’t, and this many times leads to bullying, on both sides. I have seen grown adults bully other adults on SM. I wonder to myself, do they think this makes them look strong? Am I the only one who thinks they are pathetic? I wish when this happens on Twitter, FB and other SM..others would unfollow and or block. Maybe just maybe then they would get the hint, doubtful, but one can hope. I know an amazing Autism activist from the UK, Kevin Healey has been bullied on Twitter and I can’t even put into words how much this bothers me. He is not only an autism activist but he is an Autistic Adult who should be used as an example, not be the subject of bullying. I have often wondered do these same people bully others at work, in public etc… Or do they reserve it for the keyboard? If they do bully in person, are they also aiming their pathetic behavior at people with special needs?

I see many anti-bullying messages and I hope and Pray that maybe some people actually self-reflect and think..”I hope I don’t behave like this” doubtful but one can hope. I really don’t have any answers except standing up for the one who is bullied. There are many ways one can do that, but most important is letting the bullied person know they actually have a friend and they aren’t the person with issues. For Someone with special needs it can be even more difficult for them to deal with the bullying. My hope and prayer is that as you read this, you self-reflect…if you are bullying you stop, if you see bullying you defend..maybe just maybe we can start to make a difference. I worked in grassroots for years and know that if each one of us take a stand against or for an issue…we can and do make a difference. I hope we can each make a vow that we will help someone who is a victim of bullying. As I said earlier in my post, special needs victims are the most hurt by this. Let’s unite and show our support for those who can’t always defend themselves.

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