Grassroots support for Awesomism

When I was thinking about what I wanted to write for my next blog, many ideas popped into my head. One of the struggles is to make sure my topic means something to others, not just myself. Having a grassroots background, I know finding that commonality among others is important. I truly believe that if a blog even touches just one family, I consider it a success. I know first hand the ups and downs of living day by day with Awesomism, and sometimes just a kind word can help! I have had my share of days where I just wanted, needed advice, a shoulder etc…from another Awesomism Parent who had been through what I was going through.

All day I was pondering different topics, then I received an email from a group Peyton is involved in. I decided to phone the person instead of email back. She too is an Awesomism Mom, though her son is younger. We started to discuss different issues and a comment she made to me, sparked an entire blog! She made me realize that a grassroots support network isn’t just important for us parents, but for the kids! Who better to understand THEIR struggles than them! I felt even more adamant to work on making a true grassroots campaign for everyone who need and wants it. I know together we can make great things happen. It isn’t just about us parents but about our kids, as well as Awesomism adults!

There are so many issues we face every day and even more issues they face every day. There is no “pat answer” in how to deal with many of the things we all face. I started this campaign, not because I am an expert, but because I live it daily, as the Mom of an autistic teen. I have had to ‘wing it’ sometimes on how I deal with issues, as the “right answers” haven’t worked. I was lucky when Peyton was younger I had a friend who was the Mom of two boys with Awesomism. One was high functioning like Peyton, the other didn’t speak. She and I would talk often, she gave me great advice and different things she tried and worked for her. Her boys were older than Peyton and she had experienced many things I hadn’t encountered yet. I found her friendship and support to be invaluable. This is what I want my goal for AwesomismMom to be. I want us to have the common goal of being a network to share our ups, downs and flatline days!

I welcome your feedback, in fact I really want your feedback. Please suggest topics, ideas, and even guest bloggers! Together we can make a difference!

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