My Trip To Chicago By Peyton

My trip to Chicago

On the first day, my parents and I went on a business trip for my
parents, but we also made it a vacation. I am homeschooled so I can travel,and I love to learn by going to places.
Me and my parents left Houston, TX to go to Chicago, Illinois. First place we went to was Jefferson, Texas to look at the old town and stores. We went to the general store in Jefferson that had drinks, candies, jars, kid’s toys, etc. that my parents remembered from when they were kids. Then we went to Hot Springs, Arkansas we learned why it’s called Hot Springs and actually got to feel the hot water. That night, we stayed at the Hyatt Place in Memphis, Tennessee to relax. The next day, we went to New Madrid,Missouri. We went to the museum to look at the earthquake pictures, and other stuff from the earthquake. They also had the information on Pearl Harbor, Civil War, etc. We watched a couple of videos about how an earthquake struck New Madrid, Missouri. There were lots of pictures, memorabilia and maps in that museum. We finally ended up in Chicago to stay at a Hyatt for a day, after we went by my Mom’s High School she went to and by the house she grew up in. The next day, we stayed at the Hyatt Regency, and it was very nice. The Regency was so nice and the people at the front desk put us in a safe room, when they found out I am autistic, they gave us a special room. We stayed in the executive suite for 2 days, because it was quiet and big. I was very happy. The hotel had big rooms and allowed me to have my own room. My bed was very comfortable. I was sick with the head cold for several days, but I got to sleep, drank a lot of juices, relaxed and I felt better. The executive suite was at the end of the hall and it was quiet and I like that. I had a big desk to do my schoolwork at.Me and my parents went to the Regency Club to grab some snacks and drinks. they were so nice to me, and they talked to me. Luciano, who works in the Club, told me and my Mom that his daughter is special needs, too. People at the front desk didn’t treat me like I’m autistic.
My parent’s friend named Mr. Darius gave me some late birthday gifts: X-Drones, plug n play game and Indian clothes. The next day for dinner, we had hot ham and cheese, juices and crackers and other stuff. On the 26th, me and my parents were gonna check out but decided to stay until Sunday. We stayed at the presidential suite, and the room and bathroom were a lot bigger than the executive. Presidential suite also had the computer, balcony and a coffee machine. The presidential suite was at the end of the hall, it was
very quiet and safe, I really liked it a lot.We went to downtown Chicago to walk around there and look at Navy Pier. At the mall we ate at Tom and Jerry’s restaurant, we had Chicago dogs, my Mom loves those. We also went to Sports Authorities to get my new Chicago Bears shirt. When we were driving, we saw Wrigley Field and the famous Chicago theater.
That night, we stayed at the Hyatt Place in St. Louis, it was nice and
our room was quiet. The next day, we stayed at the clarion inn in Arkansas. For dinner, we went to Cracker Barrel, and my food was so good. The next day, we came back home in Houston, Texas at night. I had a very nice vacation.


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