The Awesomism Gift is….?

If you’re like me you either Christmas shop the day after Christmas way in advance, or you wait until the last minute. I hate to admit this, but this year I am really not even in the spirit of the holidays. There are several factors for this, one of which I discussed in my Thanksgiving blog. Shopping at the last minute doesn’t mean you aren’t putting thought into the gift, in fact many times it means you are looking for something unique and perfect for the person you are shopping for. I have a just such a gift for you. It’s a doorbell, and  so much more. I know you are probably saying to yourself right now…really a doorbell? Yes, a doorbell! I am sure you have probably seen the commercials for “Ring” it’s very useful for just about everyone. This blog is about showing how Ring is awesome for many in the Awesomism community.

When Peyton was young, he went through a roaming phase….we shoved chairs in front of doors, put dead bolts where he couldn’t reach etc….it was stressful on me and my older kids. We had to coordinate bathroom times, etc…so that we had him in sight at all times…thank goodness his roaming stage was short lived and nothing serious ever happened.

Some families aren’t so lucky. Several months ago Mark and I were watching our local news and saw a story where a mom who was at her wits end…her son was getting out, she was a single parent with multiple young children. The county wasn’t very helpful in finding solutions, our heart hurt for her. Should she put up sliding bolts to keep him locked in, like it’s a pen. And what should happen in an emergency, say a fire, a nobody can get in or out? It’s very easy to be judgmental and make flippant comments about how she or others should be better parents.. People don’t realize what it’s like unless they live with it. Roaming by autistic kids and sometimes even adults is a very serious problem. This is where Ring can help! Ring has a video doorbell, camera and chime…we have them and we love them. It lets you know when there is motion as well as someone at your door. If Awesomism parents had these items installed they would be alerted when their child opened the door…not only on their phone but a chime would go off. You would also be able to go the app on your phone and talk…

Many autistic children roam

Here’s a scenario to demonstrate my point. Your child opens the front door and decides to play with the dog across the street…the chime sounds in your home at same time your phone makes a immediately look at your app and you see your can then call them by name, as you can speak thru the doorbell,  as you are running to the door to grab them. This could be the difference between them getting to the street and beyond before you realize they are gone, or getting them immediately. This could be a huge help in so many ways, not only as a deterrent but also allows a parent to have a little less stress. There are many benefits to Ring…but I think this gives you an idea of how it can be a lifesaver.

My hope is as you do your last minute shopping you think about that family member, friend, neighbor etc..that has an autistic child and you think about giving Ring as a gift…maybe even buy one and donate it. Roaming is a serious problem and we have lost too many autistic kids, I know there are other products that help monitor kids, I support whatever parents need to do. But if this was your child wouldn’t you do everything and anything you could to keep them safe? Ring is one such way…when it comes to Awesomism gifts…I hope you agree.. Ring it is!!

* I have received no compensation for this from Ring…this is my opinion

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