2016 Resolutions

Today, I sat down and started writing my 2016 Resolutions. It’s something I do every year, and yes every year I fail miserably at success. It got me thinking, as I was writing my goals, dream and desires for 2016, what are other Awesomism Parents resolutions. Are theirs like mine?  Above all do they want Patience and Understanding? I think we truly approach life different from other parents. I remember when Peyton was young, I was thrilled if he put 4 words together that fit! I would have friends say oh my son did that when he was 2… I wanted to say well great so did my other kids…Peyton is autistic..can you just keep your silly comments to yourself? Many times I see on Social media various Awesomism Parents memes and other sayings, and think I wish others had to spend one day in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love Peyton and cherish every moment of his life, its just at times it’s weighing. I feel like at times, I say the same thing 20 times to a point I am sick of myself. I know all parents face difficulties, especially special needs parents. I can only speak to being a parent of an Awesomism Child.

Last week when I was finishing up my Christmas shopping, Peyton and I were standing in line waiting to check out, I realized I had put something in my cart that I didn’t want. I needed to put it back on the rack. I really didn’t want to get out of line and thought this might be a good lesson for Peyton, to learn to put things in proper place at a store. I discussed it with him and pointed where he needed to go. I knew I would be able to see him, the whole time, so I sent him on his way. He at first walked in circles, after me “guiding” him from the line he found where he needed to go. The woman behind me smiled and said, we all have bad days…I politely told her…he is autistic. She smiled and said Bless you, my neighbor’s son is autistic, I wonder how she does it. I said Thank you, we just find a way, there really isn’t another choice. Sometimes I want to say to people I know you mean well, but I really don’t want your “sympathy” I want you to understand Awesomism. Maybe we are grumpy and truly just need to be left alone, or maybe we want to talk our heads off with a complete stranger. We may just need that time to escape from life. I see all kinds of business promotions for different groups and holidays…how about Awesomism Parents Day? Not because I think we need another reason to have a ” holiday” but because I would love a quiet dinner with Mark, a nice massage and pedicure..where the other Moms were all special needs Moms. Yes we could cry, laugh and just unwind for a few hours.

Sorry, I know this is kind of rambling of thoughts, so back to my original thought….what do I really want for 2016? Patience and understanding…everything would fall into place so much easier.

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