Obligatory Best of List

As 2015 draws to a close, seems like everyone has a best of List. Why should we be different? So here is a rundown of our favorite blogs from 2015:

How Closed Captioning taught Peyton to Read: This is one of our ‘tips’ for Awesomismn parents that illustrates there may be non-traditional ways of having your child progress. This was such an unexpected and huge break thru for Peyton to learn to read. We are collecting other tips from Awesomism parents on those everyday victories that took 20 times longer than with our other non-special needs kids…. https://awesomismmom.com/how-closed-caption-made-my-life-easier.

Bowling and Life lessons: How we find and teach lessons about life in a sport like bowling. We are lucky enough to have found a league that mixes special needs kids with non-special needs kids and watch the results on the lanes. I don’t know if there is something about bowling that attracts such well-mannered, polite (for the most part) kids, but seeing the interaction and encouragement gives us a really warm feeling…..https://awesomismmom.com/bowling-and-life-lessons/

Haircuts: As an Awesomism parent, you’ve probably got your own stories of this, or meltdowns in the grocery store, buying shoes, shirts with tags… Yeah, I see you shaking your head in empathy. Another reminder that some people get and some don’t. As the percentages rise, dealing with these episodes by businesses becomes more of a necessity to have well trained ‘autism friendly’ employees…. https://awesomismmom.com/haircuts/

Angel on Earth: Have you ever met someone who seems to be on a whole other level when it comes to caring and compassion for others? Hopefully yes, and not just one person either. How a therapeutic massage for a migraine turned into meeting one of those people. Not only healed Lynne’s body, but healed her soul. Tho Michelle has moved, we miss how she touches us both literally and figuratively. Reminds us that you never know who you might meet that will change your life, and how sometimes God smiles down upon us. …https://awesomismmom.com/angel-on-earth/

My Hero: by Peyton: Tired of hearing about all the bad things that a small percentage of Professional athletes do? Well here’s a story of one of the many good guys that you seldom hear about, but who is not only an outstanding football player, but more importantly, an outstanding, caring human being who never forgets where he came from. Given a chance to play under Bobbie Bowden, Everett Dawkins, and guys like him make a difference in their communities and others’ lives…..https://awesomismmom.com/my-hero-by-peyton/

So, that’s my best of list for 2015. We now look to 2016 and the changes that will bring. More importantly, we look forward to hearing from and interacting with the other parents out there who can relate these little snapshots of life as an Awesomism parent.

Cheers to All!


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