Month: January 2016

My Passionate Campaign for Awesomism

I admit it, I am a passionate person! When I believe in something, I tend to be a little over the top. My love for my sports teams is proof positive of that ☺️..I also carry that deep love for my kids and Mark. I love being a Mom and I am a Momma Bear …

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Friendships and Awesomism

I know there are many perspectives on how friendships should be initiated and maintained for autistic kids and adults, but this is mine. I am not saying mine is right or wrong, I am saying this what I think is best for Peyton. Any autistic parent of a high functioning child will tell you, there …

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Peyton’s Blog about Our Road Trip to South Texas

Our Road Trip to South Texas Date: 1/16/16 On January 14-15th, me and my parents went to south Texas, and we had lots of fun, but we also learned. We got to learn more about the Goliad massacre, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, King Ranch and so much more about history. We drove down to …

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Unconditional Love

When I was young I thought I knew the definition of unconditional love, my view was you loved someone you loved them through good and bad and stuck together no matter what. It’s been in the last 15 + years, that so many of the “values” “views” I believed have been put to a test. …

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Awesomism and Politics

Having been in the political world for years, I have seen politics from all sides. Some of it I love, and some of it I despise. I know so much good can come from the right people taking up a cause. Many times the key to getting those who are in the political world to …

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