My Passionate Campaign for Awesomism

I admit it, I am a passionate person! When I believe in something, I tend to be a little over the top. My love for my sports teams is proof positive of that ☺️..I also carry that deep love for my kids and Mark. I love being a Mom and I am a Momma Bear in the truest sense of the word. I know I tend to be over protective of Peyton, even if Mark works to balance that out 😊….I also know that if I don’t take up the fight to help Peyton as I can, no one else will. I had an Awesomism mom say to me the other day, how much she loves people who fight for Awesomism, because it shows others do care. I realized several years ago many people think they understand or pretend to understand, but don’t. Every day is a new struggle, but it’s how we choose to view that struggle that makes the difference. I have chosen not to dwell on why or how etc…Peyton was born autistic, instead I choose to fight to make his life the best it can be. I have had people say to me I need to take up the cause of other special needs kids and adults as well. While my heart is there for them, I can’t speak from first hand experience what it is like to raise them, I can with Autism. I do feel that at times when people fight for issues they aren’t as well versed in as they should/could be, and that can be a negative not a positive. This is not to say if you aren’t directly affected you don’t have a voice, you do…I just believe for me, I choose to fight for what I can tell you first hand. I also am a believer in not just fighting for a cause, but when you are fighting you need to bring solutions to the table. To stand and yell at elected officials and such, saying they aren’t doing enough, is easy…bring them solutions, show them well-thought out ideas and programs that do work. Many times they are willing to listen and help you either implement those programs, or can tell you who can.


It’s many times easier to focus on the negative side of things, what I mean is the daily struggles we face as Awesomism parents can pull us down. Getting together with other Awesomism parents can turn into a discussion of how tough life is. We should use these times to connect and put together ideas and discussions of what we used or did to solve an issue we faced. Peyton is 16, I have met many parents of kids who are 4 to 10. I love when they ask me about how I have dealt with issues, or what they may still face. We need to come together as a community and get our voice heard! If we all got in a row-boat and paddled the way we wanted and each demanded to be in control, we probably wouldn’t get very far…if we rowed together and communicated as we rowed we would move swift and smooth through the water. I want to see that attitude among Awesomism parents, because together awesome things can and will happen!

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