Why Do We Need Self-Care and what is it?

Why do we need Self-Care and what is it? We hear that phrase selfcare used all the time. The question is though, do we really need Self-Care?

Let’s first look at the expression self-care. Self-care could mean many different things to many different people. For me, it means the ability to basically unwind and Relax. To try not to think about all the stress and anxiety that I have. Like with our company, as well as personal stress and anxiety’s.

We each live very different lives. No two lives are exactly the same, because no  two people are exactly the same. Just like in autism, no two autistics are exactly the same.

So what we each need to do for our own self-care is really up to us. What may work for me doesn’t work for you or vice versa. There’s some things that a lot of people really enjoy such as a relaxing day, going to the beach going to a spa.

The one thing that we should all really focus on when we’re focusing on self-care is this. We need to figure out what relaxes us mentally, physically, and emotionally. There’s so much stress going on in the world today. We need an emotional, mental and physical break from all of that stress.

When we become overwhelmed, it can really hurt us in many ways, including physically. We tend to binge eat junk food, we tend to not sleep properly. We can have a racing thoughts in our head that won’t go away, that can cause us to have nightmares, and even anxiety attacks.

The one thing that I think each and everyone of us need to do is sit down and make a list what are five things that really do help you feel better. We need to focus on doing them  when we have that time to yourself. Try to do at least one of these a week

By telling yourself that you recognize that you need to have self-care as part of your routine, you were going to be more determined to make sure that you  do. We all need to  take that emotional, mental and physical break. Maybe it’s only for 15 minutes a day once a week! For 15 minutes turn off the world, turn off your stress, turn off the negativities and concentrate on the positivity.

We all  tend to do things out of haste when we’re angry or stressed. We tend to see things in a bad light, we tend to verbally and emotionally try to harm other people. Harming other people doesn’t make yourself feel better. Once we recognize what our negatives are, and how to counterbalance them with positives, our self-care becomes exactly that SELF CARE!

The best self care is when we are caring for ourselves, and by taking care of our self, we are making life better for those around us. Let’s all agree to take a minimum of 15 minutes a week to relax, to decompress and to make ourselves emotionally, mentally and physically, more healthy. It will flow into positivity, before you know, self care becomes an every day routine, in more ways than you ever imagined .

If you would like more information about how we are working to help autistic adults with their self care routines, please head over to teamawesomism.com

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