A Summer of Awesomism TIPS

A Summer of Awesomism Tips!! We’re officially in summer season! We hope that you are dealing with the heat waves well. There are a few announcements for Team Awesomism!!

We now have a tip jar promo where you can order a tip jar for your small business or food truck. For more information, watch this video on YouTube on how to get a tip jar. This is a very important promo for us, so if you know anyone who could help us, please pass this along! the proceeds are going to be used to help autistic adults, that need help.

Don’t have a business? you can just put a tip in our virtual tip jar! Go to teamawesomism.com and put it in our virtual tip jar! Our goal is to have a strong grassroots support, to show autistic adults, they truly have a “team” supporting them!.It is very important to us to show Autistic adults, that their communities support them.

We’re also selling stickers for $3.00! These stickers can go onto your phone, your drinking cups, your laptop, your door, and anywhere else! Head over to teamawesomism.com and add 3 to our virtual tip jar!

Check out this Friendship Friday video on YouTube where we highlight some of our supporters who shout, “Go Team Awesomism!” We would love to have your video! You can send us videos through emails at lynne@teamawesomism.com Link: Friday Friendship  

Here’s our latest guest blog from Jim Irion, an autistic adult, on AwesomismMom website: The Potential of Autistic Adults Jim is a major supporter of Team Awesomism. This is very important to us to give autistic adults a voice.

Check out this perfect summer fruit smoothie recipe! You can find it on AwesomismMom: Peyton’s fruit smoothie recipe

Here are tips to stay cool during Summer heat wave:
1. Drink plenty of water.
2. Keep a squirt bottle near you to spray yourself with water.
3. if you’re going to be outside in a hot and you’re just working in your backyard, get your shirt wet before so you keep yourself cooler.
4. wrap a nice cold towel that has been put in the freezer wet around your neck.
5. most of all be very aware of the temperature both for you and your pets… And do not stay outside any longer than you have to! Heat stroke/sunstroke is very serious. Don’t push it.

Thank you everyone for reading this! We hope you have a blessed 4th of July next week!

We have a MAJOR announcement coming! Please follow us on social media to see this EXCITING EVENT COMING!

Lastly, but most importantly Hope everyone has an awesome summer and remember a small act of kindness, can change someone’s life!

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