Love is a Verb

We have all heard the expression “Love is a verb” I like this phrase…when Love is portrayed in an unconditional way, which these days seems to be rare. We can’t watch any “reality” TV show these days without hearing people say ” Love you guys” I often chuckle and wonder to myself…do you really understand that word? To many of us tend to throw that word around almost like we say hello and goodbye…it really is a shame. I almost feel we have devalued the word….we tend to LOVE everything and everyone, it seems…well maybe except those who disagree with us politically, then Hate seems to be the only emotion many have. I know I sometimes throw the word love around…about “objects ” as well. While there is a place for us to love items etc….I wish many showed the same expressions of love to many in the autism community. I have discussed in previous blogs some of my frustration at the lack of attention,love and support so many in the autism community deserve. 

Almost all parents will and should tell you that they love their kids unconditionally, that is what gets you through the rough patches. All parents go through tough times, but many in the autism community go through rough patches much more often. This can be very tough, especially when a parent is a single parent, most often they don’t have a break from the stress, their unconditional love is truly tested. I think one of the hardest parts for some parents is that the love isn’t given back. Not all autistic kids, show the emotional connection of love…I am lucky, Peyton says he loves me and shows love. He loves others as well, and for this I am so thankful. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to never hear the words “I love you” from my children. Although, Peyton says it and means it, I cherish it in a way, I can’t describe. I love all my kids the same, but Peyton has a special place in my heart. I am a worrier, all my kids tell me I manufacture things to worry about, but when it comes to Peyton these worries are very well placed. I know at times I am a “helicopter parent” this is something I need to and am working on. One of my greatest joys is seeing how much my older kids truly love Peyton unconditionally, They celebrate his positives and hurt when he hurts. I know he feels their love and protection and in some ways it is a driving force for him, as he doesn’t want to “disappoint” their faith and support in him. Life isn’t always easy for any of us, but for Peyton it’s tougher, but I also know that with Mine, Mark’s and my older kids unconditional love he will be just fine. In our home we believe in the saying “Love is a Verb” and we live it. This is a driving force for me to be an Awesomism campaigner….to not only help others understand but to help others see Love truly is a verb….by going out and showing it!

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