Last week I saw a tweet by John Quinones for his show …” What Would You Do” and it got me thinking. He was asking for show ideas and was coming to the area of the country we happen to live in, the Southeast. I tweeted to him an idea about autism. If you have never watched this show, you should. I think one of the best things about this show is it exposes not only the hypocrisy of so many people, but really gets you thinking. I love the show because it teaches self-reflection. Too many people deflect and or excuse bad behavior with…’well they did this so I can do that’…if we all behave like that when and where will we stop bad behavior? I am hyper sensitive to bullies, being the parent of an autistic son. However; I honestly believe many people don’t even realize how much of a bully they can be. We all at one time or another have bullied, even if we don’t realize or accept it. Yet, some people feel constant name calling and disrespectful behavior can and is justified by deflecting. I used to feel sorry for these people, but I am truly getting on my last nerve with many. I remember a mom of a special need teen, on Twitter, unleashing on everyone who doesn’t agree with her politically….she also was very adamant she was never going to stop because she was angry. I thought to myself, if your child does something others don’t agree with is it acceptable to “unleash” on him? It’s truly very sad and actually pathetic. 


Back to “What Would You Do” ….this show should be mandatory for students and adults to watch…not just watch but self reflect during the show….the plot lines each time, really make you think, or at least they should. My friends and kids used to tease me that if I was ever on there ( you don’t realize you are, until later) John would have to run, not walk into the spot to calm me down. I have a strong social justice button…something I learned from my Dad and my Uncle. I like to help the “Underdog” and it constantly surprises me how many times, people won’t help someone. WWYD shows situations that truly should disturb people. While I understand that people can be very hesitant to get involved in personal situations, there are times it truly seems warranted. I think the part that bothers me is when people choose to totally ignore a bad situation. I hope people who watch this show…reflect and ask themselves “Would I get involved”. As the Mom of an autistic teen, I truly would love to see People stop and understand Autism…just because someone doesn’t fit what you think they should…does that give you the right to be a bully and disrespectful? Many autistic teens and adults aren’t easily recognizable as having special needs…I can tell you this if I see you bully someone with autism, ANYWHERE TV show or not….you will see my ” social justice button be pushed” so please self reflect and answer John’ s question…what would you do….and I truly hope your answer is “Help others as I would want them to help me”

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