For Mark

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write for this weeks blog, which also happens to be Valentine’s Day week…I knew the theme needed to be Love….but wanted it to be special…I think you will agree this blog is about someone very special…

I love the quote by Ray Johnson…” It takes a strong man to accept somebody else’s children and step up to the plate another man left on the table” ….Mark came into my life almost 5 years ago and I am thankful every day for him. He is the most awesome person…and an even better Dad. I love him with all my heart, but this blog isn’t about how much I love him, rather about his unconditional love for all my kids..but most of all for Peyton, and my kids unconditional love for him. When I met Mark, I knew right away he was a special person. He had a warmth about him that I truly loved. I instantly fell for him, but it wasn’t only me that he needed to “connect” with…while I wanted all my kids to “accept” him, it was imperative that he and Peyton connect. I remember the first time Peyton met him. He seemed to take to Mark immediately, not something Peyton did easily. I held my breath and thought “I hope he continues to like him”…My fears were soon calmed, Peyton not only really liked Mark…he wanted me to “go away” so he could spend time with him. All 3 of my older kids also have gotten close to Mark, and each has expressed to me on more than one occasion that they love how awesome he is with Peyton. You see My kids father, really has very little to do with any of them. His choice… and because of his behavior and treatment of them, especially Peyton, they have moved on from him. Enough about the negative as Mark has brought such a positive attitude and awesome love to our family. As I have mentioned before my third child has Marfans and was going through a very tough time when I met Mark. Our lives were in such upheaval and stress, when I met Mark, yet he didn’t shy away. In fact he did the opposite he took on the challenge and has made our lives so much better. It wasn’t easy being a single parent, but I was determined that I wasn’t going to put any man into Peyton’s life that wasn’t awesome. Mark’s presence in our lives has made all of us better people, he is such a role model and example for all of my kids…especially Peyton. His calmness, caring and positive perspective is such a blessing. Mark is an awesome example of Ray Johnson’s quote…..He didn’t just step up to the plate, he set the table!… And changed our world. I am thankful everyday for him, as are our kids…Happy Valentines Day, Mark…we love you and we all are so glad you stepped up to our “challenges” You truly are one of a kind.

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