My “Boring” Day

Today we decided to run some errands…take Peyton to get his hair cut for his Prom on Saturday, stop off at a store on market street to pick up some lotion and then head over to get Jimmy John subs…why am I telling you these seemingly insignificant details of my life? Because they are insignificant details…before you stop reading and thinking I am off track, please bear with me and you will see why this seemingly boring day is a true blessing!

Peyton is going to his Prom on Saturday..something I never thought would happen. Today he and I started to work on what all he needed for clothes, hair etc…wanted to get it all done before tomorrow afternoon. I sent Peyton upstairs to his room and asked him to bring me his 3 best pair of pants, he brought exactly what I expected him to bring. Three very nice pair that he outgrew 2 years ago…before you judge me..please know this..when he was younger if I cleaned out his drawers and closets he would sob for hours. I finally decided his stress and trauma wasn’t worth me insisting on his biannual cleaning of his drawers. To my great surprise and delight when I pointed out to him that these were to small, he said ok, and walked back upstairs to his room and found a great pair to wear. In my head I said one down…several more to go. The next stop was hair cut. As I relayed in an earlier blog, this used to be a nightmare…even though we don’t have that anymore I still flinch when it’s time to go. If he isn’t ready for it,he stresses. I hadn’t prepped him so I thought maybe he would push back. To my delight he not only didn’t stress he knew what he wanted and dealt with the woman who cut his hair! It was great two events that used to be so stressful for both he and I now became just an everyday “boring” events…but wait my day wasn’t over yet! image

Next stop was Jimmy Johns. It was customer appreciation day and I knew it was going to be long lines…when Peyton was young being around a lot of people would really stress him, in fact I remember walking out of many restaurants etc…to give him a “break” and even a few times sat in the car until the rest of the family was done. He stood in line just fine, picked his sub and we left without any stress or “incidents” my day got better and better. I realized these quick and go errands were no longer a source of stress for him, which meant no stress for me, other than the common ones associated with getting things done.

We had one final stop and I pretty much knew this would be somewhat of an issue for him as it was in a store that carries fragrances etc…these type of places tend to trigger sensory issues for him as the smells become overwhelming…much to surprise he actually walked around looked at stuff and pointed out some products we already have. We got our package and left and he never said anything about the smells etc…I smiled to myself and thought…wow this is awesome! So you see what to you is just another insignificant,boring type day…to me it was awesome and a true sign of major accomplishments. I hope after reading this blog, you understand better what so many of us in the awesomism community go through. That in and of itself makes it significant.

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