A “Billion dollar” act of Kindness Part 1

Mark and I are big CNBC fans, during the day, as well as the evening. We watch market reports etc…like many people watch game shows. We also really enjoy some of the evening programs, especially the ones where we can learn business tips. We own our own business and it’s always nice to see how others handle theirs. We enjoy sitting in front of the TV and watching the shows together, discussing what’s going on and tweeting during the show. Although I must admit I have seen some people take the “tweeting at” to a level that’s….. Well I will leave that open…

A few months ago we saw an ad for Billion Dollar Buyer and thought it looked interesting. Since we live in Houston, we were even more interested as the gentleman who is starring in the show (Tillman Fertitta) is a prominent businessman from here. We decided to watch it and see what it was about.  I was really happy when I watched the first show and saw a company that Mark and I were actually one of their first customers…we really liked these guys and were hoping they would get a deal. I tweeted during the show and expressed my support for this company as well as that I was truly enjoying the show. Tillman said he owned many restaurants and the fact he owns the Downtown Aquarium here, was brought up. Peyton is and has been a huge fan of aquariums of all sizes. He many times has “discussed” with me his desire to go to the aquarium. I kept putting him off but knew at some point I would take him as fish are very comforting for him. He had an aquarium when he was younger and he loved it so much. If you read my last blogs, you will see it was an aquarium that occupied him while buying him new shoes…something that was very traumatic for him.

Fast forward a few weeks, every Tuesday I watched and tweeted and truly enjoyed the show. As I said earlier we have CNBC on all day as well, and on a Tuesday I saw Tilman on, I tweeted to him that I enjoyed watching him on there as well. To my surprise I received a nice tweet back and was asked if I would be watching that evening and a comment was made about my son liking the aquarium. I was so surprised…he remembered? I thought to myself, even if this is a member of his staff, they had to be a trusted member to tweet in his name. That was also impressive as I am sure either or both have so much on their plate for them to take notice and to remember was very touching. It made me pause and think how awesome a nice gesture truly means. That evening I tweeted during the show, and had an even stronger attachment to the show, as I realized the person I was watching was a good person. After the show was over, I received a thank you tweet and was told, a member of his staff would be reaching out! I was flabbergasted and said thank you. Sure enough the next day, I was asked for my number. I received a call and to my delight and surprise was offered an amazing day at the aquarium for Peyton, myself, Mark and Peyton’s best friend. I was so touched, I couldn’t wait to tell Peyton. His face lit up, he couldn’t believe he was “finally” going to the aquarium! image

I will let Peyton tell you about that awesome day in part 2 of this blog… It was his day and I want to let him express his feelings about how awesome it was. So as you see why my title is a “billion dollar act of kindness” Tilman and his staff are awesome. I know they have so much going on running a billion dollar business and for them to take the time to make a 16 year old autistic boy’s dream come true….is worth more than a  “billion dollars.”


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