Day Trip to the Aquarium by Peyton

I want to tell you about my awesome trip to the aquarium in Houston. On May 2nd, me, my parents and my best friend Josh went to the Downtown Aquarium, and we had lots of fun, but we also learned a lot about the sea animals, reptiles and insects. We saw and learned about nurse sharks, blue poison dart frogs, piranhas, pufferfish, white tiger, eels, sting rays and others. We got to take pictures of them. In fact, I’ve taken over 90 photos of the animals on my iPad. I added articles and pictures on my Flipboard magazine called “Our Day trip to Aquarium.” Please visit it.
Before we went there, I researched the Downtown Aquarium on their website to see what kind of animals and what kind of games and rides they have there. They have really cool exhibits, which includes Louisiana Swamp, Shipwreck, Rainforest, Sunken Temple, Gulf of Mexico, White Tiger of the Maharajah Temple, Education Room and The Sting Ray Reef, which allows people to pet sting rays. We got to visit all of them as well as go on the rides. Tilman Fertitta, who is the owner of Landry’s Inc. and a star of Billion Dollar Buyer on CNBC, gave us the tickets to go to the aquarium. My Mom’s blog in part one tells how we got them. We left at 10:00 A.M. and drove down to Downtown Aquarium. We saw the narwhal fountain and a shark sitting on the bench, they were really cool. My mother took a picture of me and Josh in front of the narwhal fountain. Before we went inside the aquarium, we met the general manager, and he introduced us to the woman who is an educator and teaches about animals. She was really nice, she guided us and showed all the animals to us. We asked questions about where do sting rays live, what do piranhas eat besides humans, what are the difference between alligators and crocodiles, do nurse sharks hurt humans and such. We got to see the white tiger at the Maharajah Temple. The Maharajah Temple was cooler, and it has a pool to keep the white tigers cool in case they get too hot. image image
After we finished learning and seeing the animals, we went outside and rode the Ferris wheel, drop ride and carousel. I’ve never ridden these before except the carousel. For the first time, I wasn’t afraid to go on there, so I enjoyed riding them. After we finished riding, we went back inside and got to pet the sting rays in The Sting Ray Reef room. Sting rays were very friendly, they liked us, and they were splashing and roaming around in the water. We touched them with 2 fingers so that we don’t scare them away. We then went upstairs and ate lunch at the restaurant area. My lunch was very good. We were right next to the aquarium, it was very big, and it included nurse sharks, sting rays, groupers and eels. We got to see nurse sharks swimming and covering half of their bodies with sand. They stared at us while we were eating. The eels were kinda hiding behind the reefs. It was nice to see them swimming and not fighting during lunch. Josh and I got new shark cups and figures, they were very cool. We then went to the gift shop to find something we were interested in. My mother took a last picture of us sitting right next to the shark on the bench before we left.
In summary, I was very lucky that I got to go to the Downtown Aquarium in Houston. I always wanted to go there since me and my parents moved to Houston. My favorite parts in the Downtown Aquarium were learning about different kinds of fish and reptiles, taking pictures of them, going to the Maharajah Temple and going on the Ferris wheel. I think everyone should try to visit it, you will really enjoy it.

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