Month: December 2015

2016 Resolutions

Today, I sat down and started writing my 2016 Resolutions. It’s something I do every year, and yes every year I fail miserably at success. It got me thinking, as I was writing my goals, dream and desires for 2016, what are other Awesomism Parents resolutions. Are theirs like mine?  Above all do they want …

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Learning Independence

Ever since Peyton was first diagnosed with Autism, I have thought about what will his future be like? While this is a common theme among all parents of all kids, it is different when your child is special needs. I have set goals not only for Peyton, but for myself. I knew I needed to …

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Guest Blog From Mark One constant around our house is sports. I used to play a lot, now it’s just the occasional round of golf or tossing the Frisbee, tho the tv is frequently tuned to whatever game is on. I’m a big believer in using sports to teach greater life lessons such as performing …

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Traditions are made to be broken

When my older kids were young, I would stress so much during the holidays. So much “holiday stuff” to do, as well as be a Mom, homeschooler, run a consulting business etc….As they grew up, I got them to help me more, but I still stressed. Peyton was quite young when I separated from their …

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