March 2017

Playing Big

“Your playing small doesn’t serve the World”  Marianne Williamson I saw this quote the other day in my “Be inspired” journal and immediately loved it! This pretty much has been my motto my whole life….many in my life have played life so safe. Which is their choice, but at the same time they think my […]

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Coffee Break

I love a great cup of coffee…Mark and I make ours with a French press…we buy flavored coffee and add flavored creamers…. I add cinnamon to mine as well. I especially enjoy it on a cold, rainy morning. Many don’t know it but Yemen was the “birthplace” of coffee, I actually didn’t know it until

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Love is a Verb

We have all heard the expression “Love is a verb” I like this phrase…when Love is portrayed in an unconditional way, which these days seems to be rare. We can’t watch any “reality” TV show these days without hearing people say ” Love you guys” I often chuckle and wonder to myself…do you really understand

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