Playing Big

“Your playing small doesn’t serve the World”  Marianne Williamson

I saw this quote the other day in my “Be inspired” journal and immediately loved it! This pretty much has been my motto my whole life….many in my life have played life so safe. Which is their choice, but at the same time they think my not playing safe, is a bad thing. It’s sad that people who don’t want to dream big, try to discredit those who do. To many people live a complacent life, never really challenge themselves. It’s easier that way, but it doesn’t always result in true happiness. I have heard people say “haven’t found themselves” about entrepreneurs who pursue passions and dreams. I smile to myself and realize they live on “safe street” I can’t imagine where we would be if some hadn’t “played big”. Just about every modern convenience we have is because someone dared to “play big” When I read this quote it got me thinking about what “big things” I want to accomplish with AwesomismMom….My goals aren’t just for Peyton, my goals are for others who can’t, for whatever reason, or won’t “play it big”

I have some very “big goals” for AwesomismMom……most of which I keep to myself. I know I need to crawl before I walk..before I run….this isn’t easy for me, as I tend to be a bull in a china shop and go full speed ahead. I am staying focused, Well at least trying to stay focused. I know what my goals are and how I WANT to get there, but I also know I have to be open to “changes on the path” My driving force is my passion to help other autism families. Almost daily I speak to someone or read something that touches my heart and opens my eyes to yet another need within the autism community. I try to not get sidetracked and stay on my path! There are so many needs and I know many people are working to find solutions, so I know I need to stay focused on my goals. Life for many autistic parents isn’t easy, and many times the caregivers…parents, grandparents, siblings etc… are forgotten. I have written several blogs about the support needed for parents, especially single parents.  I was a single parent for many years, I know how overwhelming each day can be. I also know how much small acts of kindness meant to me. Life as a whole can be tough. Add to that being a single parent of an autistic child and it becomes overwhelming. I know several parents who want to make a difference but don’t know where to start and become stressed and give up. I have an amazing husband who is my rock and is there for me. I also have a great network and am devoted to doing what I can to help others. Some very exciting projects are in the works and I hope each of you stay tuned, to see what is coming…..I am a firm believer that thinking and playing small isn’t going to make some of the major changes that are needed. I am going to do my best to succeed and help others….my “dreams” may be big but my passion is bigger!


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