Mark Simpson


Big News! We are honored to have been invited to give a Breakout Session talk at the upcoming BlogElevated Conference in Houston next weekend, Oct 21-23. Mark will be speaking on how we use Flipboard for our blog. As you may know, we are big fans of Flipboard and have gotten featured by them and

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Denied Followup

The Houston Chronicle reports that School Superintendents in both Dallas and San Antonio are questioning the arbitrary target goal of 8.5% of students receiving special needs treatment. “I was surprised to see (the special education percentage) so low,” said Hinojosa (DISD), who previously worked as a superintendent in Georgia. “I’m used to that number being

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DENIED! Education

The Houston Chronicle published an investigative piece yesterday that everybody, especially followers of this and other autism related resources should read. They have removed their paywall for this article, which has the ominous title DENIED. In it, Brian Rosenthal lays out the evidence that Texas is finagling (to put it mildly) admittance into it’s special needs programs in

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