Day 1 of Blog Elevated is in the books (at least for me, others are enjoying a night at the beautiful South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center) so

South Shore Harbour, Resort and Conference Center
South Shore Harbour, Resort and Conference Center

I thought I would give a quick update of my experience today. After getting my badge and goody bag from the friendly folks at the front desk, I proceeded to the conference room. Looking around, I saw Stephanie Manley of CopyKat Recipes. I sat down by her and she immediately wanted to know about Flipboard. She set up her Flipboard account as I watched. It was a good thing too, as I’d forgotten some parts of the setup process. That’s what happens when you live in a Flipboard house, you’ve forgotten some of the basic setup stuff. I also created a magazine for BlogElevated People on Flipboard and flipped a few of the profiles of people sitting at the table to show how easy it was.

Sharon Hines gave the General Session talk of encouragement about staying with your blog for the right reasons. Kelly and Andy Marzka of talked about the growing importance of using video in your blog to achieve success nowadays.

lunchLunch was an amazing Roast beef sandwich as I talked with a guy from a competitor of Flipboard. We discussed the state of print media and how apps like Flipboard are the future of publishing, as long as there is content generated to flip. After lunch, I ran into two of the Houston social media power players (actually social media anywhere power players)

Madalyn Sklar
my selfie with Madalyn

in Madalyn Sklar of #TwitterSmarter and Eric Tung of . Then Alice and Randall Chase talked about the importance of networking and collaboration and getting things in writing at the beginning. Good advice!

Eric Tung
Me with Eric Tung. I’m the one in the cool glasses.

We then broke for Breakout sessions. Eric gave an amazing talk on streaming video (or so I heard). I sat in Stephanie’s talk about work process flow. Then another break before wrapping up talks on Marketing Savvy by Lisa Stauber while in the other room was a talk by a panel of women using Instagram.

After another Study Session, it was time for me to head and get ready for Day 2. Learned a lot, and met some amazingly talented and hard working bloggers. If you follow us on twitter, you already saw all this. I’ll let you know how the #Flipblogger talk goes.


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    1. That is Great Stephanie. I can’t wait to see your magazines. Make you you share with us on twitter with #FlipboardFriday. Would love to hear your views on it after you’ve used for awhile so I can report back to Flipboard.

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