How You Can Help Support Team Awesomism Virtual Academy

Many have asked us how they can help us with Team Awesomism Virtual Academy.. Here are a few ways! We want to keep the Academy Free for autistic adults, hence why we have this page : )

1. Sponsorship, if you are a business or individual and you would like to be a sponsor.. please reach out and we can discuss!

2. We’re hosting a Pampered Chef fundraiser for Team Awesomism Virtual Academy on an exclusive website, and I would LOVE for you to be there. There will be recipes, games, giveaways, and so much MORE! I hope you can make it! Share your email & phone when you pop in the party. We know we all get busy and sharing the info & signing up for notifications will make it more fun! Don’t worry, you won’t get spammed, just a daily text or email to let you know when new content has been added to the party.
Pro tips: when you sign in be sure to not use the FB messenger (or FB browser) to log in. Those browsers make things glitchy.
Are you interested in joining in the fun? Just click the link here and join in the fun.

3. We have a store on Team Awesomism website where we sell handmade items, t-shirts, mugs and others in our store. All the proceeds will go to the Virtual Academy to keep it free for all autistic adults

4. Tip us here on Paypal, Cash App, Square and Venmo

5. Be sure to check out this blog, as well as our podcast about our Virtual Academy and please share with others.

6. We need guest Bloggers and Guests for our podcast, as well as we would LOVE to be a guest on your podcast!

7. Sign up to our email list!

8. Follow us on X (formerly known as Twitter), Instagram, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Flipboard, please RP, Like and share our posts!

9. Last but not least, visit And share, share, share.