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Hello everybody! I can’t believe it’s back to school time already! We are fast approaching September. Fall is absolutely my favorite season because you have the cool nights the warm days and so many positive things going on.

My reason for writing this blog today is something that is extremely important to me.  I hope you not only read this… But you share with everyone you know.

For several years now I have been a full-time Autism activist. I’ve worked very hard to try to help autistic adults and autism families. In the last six months or so I have been seriously thinking about a project that I wasn’t sure if I could make it work. The whole world came to a standstill because of Covid… So many things changed. We started to live in our own little “bubbles“ we became almost a virtual society, while we all need human contact. There’s definitely some positives to the virtual world as well.

So why am I talking about this?  Peyton and I have decided to start Team Awesomism virtual Academy… It will be for autistic adults… We plan to have so many amazing “classes“ to help autistic adults with their life skills and social skills. We will have cooking, crafting, social skills, travel, Daily skills… Such as doing dishes, making your bed etc. art, music, sign language and so much more.

This will be done via online through videos… That they can watch over and over, pause when needed or skipped through if they already can do this activity. We want to do this right, and we want to do it well. This is not going to be something that’s just a side project… This will be full-time for me… It not only will allow families to have all kinds of learning materials in one place, but we hope to go beyond and really meet the needs of families.

So why am I writing this blog? because I need your help… This is going to be quite a costly endeavor because we want to do it right, have the right equipment… have the right staff… consultants etc to be able to do so many different things.

I want this to be completely free for autism families, so I am asking each and everyone of you if either you, a business you own, or someone you know would be interesting in being a sponsor. No amount is too small… We will give credit to each and every person who is a sponsor. We plan to kick this off on September 15… They will earn badges as they complete classes… And the class structure will be very low pressure… A welcome box of items will be sent to every single autistic adult that signs up…

We have different levels that you can become a sponsor, we also have a store on my website that has item For sale, these items will also be given to the autistic adults.
The profit from the sales will be used towards the Academy… If you would prefer not to purchase anything you’re welcome to do a sponsorship… if you are interested in teaching one of the classes please reach out to me and we can discuss if it will work…

Again, I have a lot more details, but I don’t want this blog to run on and on… Please feel free to share with anyone and everyone that you know we really wanna make this work and work correctly. As always thanks so much for reading…

If you are interested in a sponsorship.. please email me and we can discuss…or you can give a sponsorship …. here is my cashapp, $awesomismmom and Paypal me at

Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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