What is an Awesomism Campaign?

What is an Awesomism Campaign?
After spending many years working in the political world as a grassroots person, I decided to take my experiences, skills and network to a different venue.
Our goal is to give a voice to those who live with Autism on a daily basis. Too often families struggle financially and emotionally and feel like their voice isn’t being heard by Corporations, Media and Political leaders, as well as others. We will approach the Campaign from the perspective of a true Grassroots movement. Giving a voice to those that are feeling left out the of the Awesomism discussion, i.e. families that live with it everyday. Autism affects so many and no two needs are the same, yet there are so many similarities and these can be unified together and a strong voice can be heard.
Over the coming weeks and months we will be talking to and working with Corporations, small businesses and Political leaders and opening the channels of communication. If you know of a business or individual that would be interested in working with us, please reach out through our email or Twitter. We also are interested in hearing your thoughts, dreams, fears and experiences. We are not therapists and will not be offering that type of advice, instead ours is about setting up a true grassroots movement and opening the doors for many to have their voices heard in a way that aren’t being heard now. We look forward to sharing our experiences, dreams, fears, hurts and triumphs and hearing from you and our awesomism journey together! Just like our logo we know our days are filled with stormy times as well as sunny! Together we can weather anything thrown at us, because we really don’t have a choice.

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