Month: January 2017

I 💙 Awesomism!

I have been asked several times why I use the blue hearts and why I call it Awesomism. Some parents, don’t like that I call it that because they think it doesn’t adequately represent many of the struggles we deal with daily. While I understand this view, especially from parents of children that are considered …

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The “Measuring Stick”

Being the mom of an autistic child has opened my eyes to many things that before I either didn’t see or chose to ignore. I remember when my oldest son was young, other first time moms would ask me…how big is he, is he talking, is he walking etc… Etc… It seemed as if this …

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“A Chicago Voice”

I had to wait a few days before I could even attempt to write this blog. I am a Chicago girl, I have always been proud of being born and raised there. I love my Chitown sports teams, and to this day get teased about my “Chicago accent” even though it’s been years since I …

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One of my favorite education quotes is by Marva Collins….”There is a brilliant child locked inside every student.” For those of you who aren’t familiar with Marva Collins, she was a tireless education advocate, who sought to help those students who were lost in the Chicago Public School system. Many of these kids were labeled …

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