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I had to wait a few days before I could even attempt to write this blog. I am a Chicago girl, I have always been proud of being born and raised there. I love my Chitown sports teams, and to this day get teased about my “Chicago accent” even though it’s been years since I lived there. When the Cubbies were playing for the WS, it was amusing how many people who visited Chicago, or lived there for a year or two, were suddenly Chicagoans….However; in the last 72 hours I have become ashamed of my hometown…in fact ashamed is a mild word.

The barbaric behavior of the 4 people is beyond despicable. The incident I am speaking of is the brutal assault and kidnapping of a special needs boy. To make matters worse they broadcast it on Facebook! The reaction at first from some in the city was worse. How dare they explain it away and brush it off as “kids”. I was so angry, hurt, broken-hearted and to be honest full of rage over what happened, to see how some tried to “brush it aside” I watched as people on Twitter “screamed” at each and made it about everything that fit their own agenda. My anger was not about race, politics or class…it was about yet once again a person with special needs was a victim. I read in horror some people’s reactions and not only unfollowed some, but told those who saw this anything but in a horrible light to Unfollow me. There is ZERO excuse for this despicable behavior and to justify it shows just how low some have sunk. I don’t normally like to say this, but I honestly believe some have lost their souls. There is ZERO justification for this behavior and we as a society need to show outrage. I was very proud of how many people made their voices heard and stood up and said ENOUGH is ENOUGH! We need to keep this anger front and center. Special needs teens and adults are bullied, harassed daily. People see them as “weak” and use their own insecurities and lack of decency to attack. While these four are in the truest sense of the word…predators…so are those who verbally and emotionally abuse ANYONE in the special needs community! I see it with Peyton, and it tears my heart out. Make no mistake bullying and “abuse” isn’t always at the hands of strangers, it can also be by people in their world. To often, they don’t know how to speak up and defend themselves, and when they do, it isn’t always done in a way that solves the issue.

Make no mistake I am proud and happy at how many people let their voices be heard for this sweet boy in Chicago, but let’s also keep that determination alive to help those who live with “abuse” daily. For every positive story we read there are many negative..for every horror story that is brought to our attention, there are those living in horror that we don’t know. Please be aware and vigilant..if we UNITE  and use our voices on causes instead of ARGUE on our differences, imagine the good we can and will do. We owe it to those in the special needs community as well as ourselves. I am happy to see outrage coming from all over, but most of all from Chicago. I know  In time I will be proud to speak with my “Chicago accent” again, as  our “Chicago voices” will be used for good!


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