The Awesomism of Ryder Cup 2021

The Ryder Cup 2021 Is in the books.. Team USA won and won handedly!

They set a record score of beating the Europeans. This years Ryder Cup was played in state of Wisconsin… The neighboring state to where I grew up.When you think of amazing golf courses, you don’t usually think of Wisconsin… But it was a beautiful setting, with an amazing crowd.

The players came to play, and the Americans took it all. I’m a huge Ryder Cup fan, every time the Ryder Cup is being played, I get extremely competitive.

It’s kind of my “Super Bowl“ of golf. So why am I writing about the Ryder Cup, when I’m an autism activist, who writes about autism?

Because when I was watching the team at the end, and listening to captain Steve Stricker speak, it hit me… He took a bunch of extremely competitive, very talented players who are used to being in an individual sport… and turn them into a team a team that worked so well together!

That cannot be easy… I can’t imagine playing with that many different personality types, that much competitive personalities  etc. etc. but he did it,  he did it so well… he knew who to pair together… he knew who to play against the Europeans on one and one, but it was a team 100% cohesive team unit!!

Team USA won big in the Ryder Cup this year. It made me realize this is such a great analogy for our Team Awesomism Virtual Academy… We have so many different autistic adults, on the spectrum, with so many different talents and needs. So many different approaches from parents… And we are putting it all into one place, for one reason to make the future better for these autistic adults!

It is to form a true TEAM unit, allow each to be a really strong individual, and at the same time a cohesive unit!

We will build a place that they can go to, no matter where they are on the spectrum, and make it so that they look at their future in a much better way… If we can achieve this, then we have won the “Ryder Cup of Autism” by turning Autism into Awesomism!

I say repeatedly on social media, in person and in my blogs Together we can turn Autism into Awesomism.

It does take a team effort, and it doesn’t have to be where we compete against each other, with who has what project, it can be how can we work together, both in the autism community and outside of the autism community to form a cohesive Team!

Team Awesomism VirtualAcademy is a tool To win at making life better for autistic adults and their families.

So as we reflect on this amazing Ryder Cup 2021 win… and what they did to win… let’s  also reflect on how we can work together, to truly make Team Awesomism Virtual Academy an amazing place for autistic adults.

If you would like more information please check out this previous blog of mine… As well as this podcast!

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As always thanks so much for reading this…

Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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