The Pitcher is full of Love

The Pitcher is full of Love, yes, pitcher is spelled properly. I’m not talking about a picture of love, I’m talking about a pitcher that is full of love! when we think of a pitcher we don’t usually think of love. We think of beverages, such as ice, tea, lemonade, water, and even soda or as I call it pop.

What is a pitcher full of love? I have a full definition in my head. Let me share it with you. When you’re really thirsty and you’ve been outside and it’s hot and you’ve been exercising or you’ve been working in your garden, you come inside and you want to drink a whole pitcher full of really nice cold ice water. It will make you feel so much better.

Imagine you’re sitting on your front porch talking with friends, you bring out a pitcher of lemonade and a pitcher of ice tea… I like it unsweetened, but my husband likes it Sweetened, like all good Texans. You’re giving your friends ,something to show them friendship, to show them you care. You’re sharing with them a nice cold drink while you sit and relax.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could take a pitcher fill it with love, and go around and pour it where we see hurt, anger, frustration, anxiety and hate yes that ugly word hate . Lately it seems I have seen so much more hate, anger, anxiety and stress. I hate to see it.

I just wish I could help so many different people with a pitcher full of love and “pour” it on them and say it’s going to be Okay!  This too shall pass, your stress, your anxiety or whatever is really bothering you. Your hurt it’s temporary, yes some hurt and stress stays around, but positivity can come in with it. Obviously, I can’t go and pour a pitcher of love on them.

What I can do though, is be a friend… A supporter… Someone who is there with their shoulder and their ear to just listen and let them know that I care . I guess in a way we can share that pitcher of love.

In the last few months, I’ve had so many autistic adults, and their families come to me with so much stress that is happening in their lives. Several are or about to be or our homeless, this tears, my heart out , I’m trying to help them. Others are frantically looking for jobs so they don’t get in that situation… Others are just very lonely and want friends… I can’t fix all of their problems, but one thing I can do is share my “pitcher of love“ what is our pitcher of love? it is Team Awesomism virtual Academy, LLC.

We are an online community for autistic adults, made by an autistic adult, my son Peyton. We are trying to be there for them as well as help them with life skills, social skills, fun skills, Business skills and so much more. I am passionate about helping them where THEY need help. Not where others tell them they need help. Stop selling autistic adults short they have SO MUCH TO GIVE!

Too many are hurting and not enough people step forward with solutions, so lets all take that “pitcher of love” and fill it with love and solutions and POUR it!

Here is the link to our Virtual Academy as well as our latest membership drive! we would love to have your support. If you know an autistic adult that would like to join please pass this blog to them, as well! Together we can Turn Autism into Awesomism and pour love into their lives.

Here is another blog called “A LOVEly Garden” I wrote some time ago that you might enjoy.

Thanks for reading my blog!

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