Month: August 2015

What is an Awesomism Campaign?

What is an Awesomism Campaign? After spending many years working in the political world as a grassroots person, I decided to take my experiences, skills and network to a different venue. Our goal is to give a voice to those who live with Autism on a daily basis. Too often families struggle financially and emotionally and …

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I remember there was a time I would stress for days when I knew Peyton needed a haircut. He hated them, he was so afraid of the scissors, shaver and anything else anyone tried to use.  I tried everything to get him to understand it was going to be ok. What added to the stress …

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How I got here

Welcome to my blog! I am new at this,So please bear with me! A little about myself, I am a Mom of 4.. 3 Boys and 1 girl…ages 16 to 30, Anyone who knows me, knows my kids are my world. My third child has Marfans and my youngest is Autistic. I was a single …

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