Month: June 2016

Fail Fast

In the world of business, and especially with ‘Startups’, there is the saying that the faster you fail, the sooner you can get on the right path. Hence the title Fail Fast or #FailFast. Or at least try another path. With autism gaining momentum as a mainstream subject, there are those who will take advantage …

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Mike McCue at Cannes Lions 2016

And speaking of Flipboard (see previous post), we are so honored that Mike McCue – CoFounder and CEO of Flipboard, gave us a shoutout during his talk as a panelist along with Adam Weinberg of The Whitney Museum: “Well, Similar to what you said, Some of the great artists may not have been popular. But they were …

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What is Flipboard and Why You Should Care?

By: Mark As you read this blog, you hopefully have noticed the little red icons and mini-magazines to the side or on the bottom of this blog (depending upon the device you are reading it on). You may even have heard of and know that those are for Flipboard magazines. But you may not understand …

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