The Beautiful Broken Clock

The Beautiful Broken clock hangs on our wall, many wonder why!

Several years ago Peyton and I were out taking the dogs for a walk. I came across a really unique looking clock that almost was like a sculpture.  It was laying at the end of one of our neighbors driveway getting ready to be thrown into the landfill.

I really hate to see viable objects go into the landfill. Instead of seeing that happen. I grabbed the clock, figuring it probably didn’t work. You never know, so I thought just case that the neighbor just got sick of it, and thought they would throw it away.  I took it home to see if I could get it to work. I love to upcycle, recycle items.

Just as I had suspected, it did not work . I tried everything, as did my husband and we couldn’t get it to work.

I thought it was such an interesting looking clock, that I decided I wanted to keep it and I was going to hang it on the wall anyway.

People ask me why do you have a broken clock on your wall … Well, the answer to that is quite simple, I welcome the opportunity to tell them why.

We have a society that looks at so many people who some consider “broken” The autism community is one such group. That is a sad commentary and many times it comes from not truly understanding or accepting autism.

Many people think those in the autism community, especially adults, are “broken“….. I’ve had people say to me I’m so sorry your son is autistic. My response to them each and every time is why are you sorry? I’m not. Peyton is a breath of fresh air, he’s a beautiful person with a beautiful soul, he has so much to offer the world.

Is it tough sometime? absolutely! Peyton didn’t asked to be autistic, he’s not broken, he’s fully fixed. As a matter of fact, I see him as an amazingly awesome person.

I started blogging about autism over five years ago, and I am glad I did, because of the amount of autistic adults, an the families  that I have met, have warmed my heart.

Do some of the family struggle more than others, of course that’s why it’s called a spectrum . I do understand the struggles, as well.

Autistic adults are not broken, they are works of art! Beautifully made by God.

I have always told Peyton he doesn’t have autism, he has Awesomism.. because God made him the 1 one of 57, so that makes him awesome… the rest of us are the same.

So the next time you see something that you may think is broken. Instead of deciding that it isn’t worth your time or energy, give that item to someone else.. just like the broken clock don’t throw it away!

Because maybe to somebody else, it has so much purpose and value. The clock on the wall is in our front hall, I see it all the time.

It reminds me there are no broken autistic adults, they are beautiful works of art.

I’m not only writing this in a blog, I’m doing this for a living.

Peyton and I have joined forces and started Team Awesomism Virtual Academy this is a beautiful example of showing all of their strengths and helping all of those who have needs within the autism community.

Please check out this blog to learn more about it, we also have a podcast you can listen to.

We have so much more information coming out about it, and we would love your support! We have a trifold we can send to you, as well. Email me for information.

Please head over to my website and find my tip jar, you can tip everything from one dollar to $1 million because with that money  it allows us to keep the virtual Academy free for all autistic adults.

They are not broken they just may need support!

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