The Details are in the Vision

The Details are in the Vision. On the surface the statement may not make a lot of sense. In this blog I’m going to outline what exactly I mean by the details are in the vision .

Several years ago someone I know… Made the comment to me that she should be paid for her ideas. I tried to explain to her that we all have lots of ideas, it’s implementing and making those ideas work.

Any entrepreneur will tell you it is not easy to take an idea and actually make it into something workable. I’m not talking about taking an idea and turning it into a side job, I’m talking about turning it into a full-blown bill paying career.

Taking an idea that you have… Especially when it stems from a passion of yours, and implementing it, is easier said than done.

I know this firsthand all too well. I don’t want to regress and go through all the negative experiences that I’ve had an all of the trials and tribulations. I’m trying very hard not to continually live in the negative, but instead focus forward on the positive.

So onward and upward! I see people every single day talking about how they’re going to change the world. It is especially common on social media.

The phrases “changing the world” and being a “massive movement” are two of the most commonly used phrases these days. I see it way too often, and that frustrates me.

While I admire the determination, I wish sometimes people would really look at what they’re saying!  So few really have a massive movement. There are many people out there with the same ideas… And for the most part that’s a good thing. To claim you are changing the world etc… I feel diminishes the cause, because you almost portray as if YOU can fix things… not that you are working to fix things.

There’s no reason to reinvent the wheel and sometimes it’s better to connect with those people, and work together with them so that the cause becomes the focal point.

I say this often and I stand by it..too few people fight for a cause, too many fight for an agenda.

When you fight for a cause and turn it into a business… My personal opinion is it is even more stressful. You not only need to make this business successful for obvious reasons,  you are really trying to change lives.

So why do I think the details are in the vision? Because if you don’t have the details down the vision cannot fully be implemented.

I’ve seen people take other peoples ideas and run with them as their own. Aside from the obvious why this bothers me… If it isn’t your vision… You don’t have the details.

The details are what are going to make your vision a reality. I have been working on this virtual Academy concept for several years.

I’ve been putting it into implementation in the last year. It is definitely taking me longer than I wanted… But I’m OK with that.

I would rather have the details down when we launch, then throw it out there so that I can be the first to say I did it.

This is not about social climbing, this is about actually doing good for autistic adults.

I have a vision… I have the details and I’m putting them all together so that Team Awesomism Virtual Academy becomes a reality.

Am I hoping to make a serious change? Of course… Am I calling this a full movement? of course not.

I have my vision and soon others will see my full vision, because they will see the details.

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Here’s a quick little video to give you a brief overview of the Virtual Academy. As always thank you so much for reading my blogs and feel free to share with everyone you want!

TAVA Trailer Video

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We also have a tip jar and a store on my website, proceeds from all the sales and all the tips goes to keeping the Virtual Academy free for all autistic adults. Because if there is one thing I am completely committed on that is to keep this free for autistic adults!  I want it to be available for every one of them that needs and or wants it.



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