The SelfCare of Salt Therapy

The Self Care care of Salt therapy. Peyton and I have been working so hard lately on the Team Awesomism Virtual Academy, that I have completely thrown self care out the window.

Since it is Spring, my allergies have been just crazy!  I’ve had a sinus infection, I haven’t felt very well.  Add on working all these hours and the stress of trying to get the Virtual Academy fully launched, has just put a lot on my plate.

I keep telling myself I promise I will do self-care, so that I don’t get to run down… But I keep putting it off.

A week ago and ad came onto my Instagram story.  I usually don’t pay that much attention to the ads,unless they’re like country music or something to do with autism.

I decided to really look at this one, and it was about salt therapy. Having heard quite a bit about it so it wasn’t new to me. I had kind of wanted to try it. It said that I could do a 15 minute session for free and see if I really liked it.

I figured I can’t go wrong with that. So I sent in my contact information, and they called me quite quickly. I spoke with the woman she was super sweet and she suggested that I give it a try.

I told her at some point I’d like to have Peyton try it too, because I’ve heard it does great things for anxiety.

She said why don’t the two of you come together . So we decided we would make a morning of it and head over and do the salt therapy. I wasn’t really sure what to expect. When we got there it was so calming,just coming in the door. Immediately I honestly felt less stressed. I thought well if this is  an example of what is to come I think I’m going to really enjoy this.

Both Peyton and I really enjoyed it. We went into the room… Sat in gravity chairs and relaxed. The 15 minutes went very quickly. Afterwards, both Peyton and I said we actually felt better. It really relaxed both of us and honestly I could breathe a lot better.

I took some information home and was thinking about it. Several days after we were there I received a text message asking if I would like to try a 45 minutes session, of course said yes.

I went back and tried it for 45 minutes, and I can honestly tell you I felt so much better after I left.

I have pinched a nerve in my neck, I think it’s from all the stress of working nonstop on the virtual Academy… And this really helped.

Salt Therapy also really helps with my allergies, my headache and my sinus issues and Anxiety

I am by no means giving medical advice or telling anyone else that they should absolutely do this. I’m simply giving my experience.

My experience is very positive with it and I look forward to going back again. I truthfully think  it is some thing that will help me not only with my allergies etc. but with my anxiety!  For some reason when I am in there I really relax.

That is a big positive to me. So if you have the ability to try salt therapy… this is just my personal opinion… I suggest you do.

I can’t really explain for any reason medically because I am in no means a medical doctor, but I can tell you from personal experience it definitely helped me.

Please head over to my website… Check out my store we have lots of things for sale in it… Proceeds from all sales go to keep Team Awesomism Virtual Academy free for autistic adults!

Here is a short video about our virtual academy!

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