Oh those Tangled Necklace Chains

Oh those Tangled Necklace Chains drives me crazy! Today I was looking through several of my smaller jewelry boxes. Just to see what kind of jewelry I had in there, that I had completely forgotten about.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, I’ve never been a real jewelry person. Although, I do have a few pieces that I love. I pretty much wear the same necklace all the time. I have one that my husband gave me, it was his grandmothers, I absolutely love it.

Occasionally I will wear bracelets, I have one that I really love, that I got in Yemen. As I said I don’t wear a lot of jewelry.

So today when I was cleaning out the small jewelry box, I came across a few necklaces that I had forgotten that I had.

Couple of them I really like. The others I’m not really sure why I bought them  LOL!

What  do you know,  the two that I  actually kind of like and wouldn’t mind wearing now and then for special occasions, are the two that that are completely tangled up.

I really don’t have the patience to sit and try to untangle them. It’s so frustrating to me that this happens, but I know it’s really my fault. I didn’t put them in the jewelry box the right way . If I had done that, I wouldn’t of had a tangled mess.

I decided to sit down on my bed and try to untangle them. After about 10 minutes of trying just about every way that I knew how, I just couldn’t get them untangled.

So I had two choices of what I could do with them. One, just put them back in the box and forget that I even saw them. Two I could get Peyton to untangle them, because Peyton has the patience of a saint.

He will spend his time carefully untangling them. I know that if I untangle them I will be yanking them around and probably end up breaking them.

Which then will make me even madder that I allowed  them to get that tangled and then I spent my time being frustrated and not taking them apart properly .

So why am I writing a blog about tangle chains and necklaces and my frustration?

In many ways this is a lot like life. We tend to make mistakes throughout our life, and then when we have to fix them. They become even more burdensome and we decide to either shove them away or ask somebody else to fix our problems.

Life can be really tough, we can make a lot of mistakes especially those of us who have lived through a lot of different forms of abuse and such.

My life has not been a picnic. Lately I have really been working to untangle those necklace chains of my life.

Some of it means getting some people out of my life, especially those who judge everything! those who never walked one minute in my shoes, or they had a very small part of my life.

They think that that allows them to be a totally judgemental  person and be outright disrespectful. . I don’t want those people in my life anymore, and honestly in some ways I feel sorry that they are so judgemental and can’t see it.

I think we all have tangled necklaces in our life,that we need to untangle and it’s up to us to untangle them.

If we work on it and bring in the right people to help us with it, we can make our life better.

My husband has made the comment to me multiple times about people who have been very judge mental of us… They have something to hide. They just refuse to acknowledge it, so they push all of their negativity and judgment onto others.

I think that’s very true, so the next time you have a tangled mess in your jewelry box take it out remind yourself, it’s really some thing that can be fixed. It may take some time, it will take some energy, but remain calm and fix that tangled chain of your necklace called life!

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