Breathe the Sweetness that Hovers in August

Breathe the Sweetness that Hovers in August! We’re hoping you’re having a good summer! Fall is around the corner. Yay!!! We’re very excited to not only have cooler temperatures, but also Fall and Halloween decorations that we’re going to be putting up. Football is starting, school is starting and so many other fun activities! Fall is our favorite season… so we love this time of year.

Here is an awesome recipe using White Bulls BBQ Taco Uppercut seasoning! This is great for backyard get together, tailgating and so much more! Don’t forget to use Awesomism10 when ordering your Taco Uppercut for a 10% discount! Did you know we have a class called 101 ways to use Taco Uppercut on the Virtual Academy?

With so many viruses going around.. now is a good time to build up your immune system.. here is a blog I wrote about about Salt Therapy… the positives from it are amazing.. We love doing natural things to boost our system and help with fighting the “nasty bugs” that fly in the air!

In case you didn’t know, we’ve finally launched Team Awesomism Virtual Academy LLC on July 7th! Visit and head over to the link on top!

We will be doing a Giveaway for the Team Awesomism Virtual Academy.. Details coming soon! you don’t want to miss this. Make sure you are following AwesomismMom and Team Awesomism on all social media.

We are consistently adding new videos on our classes. Do you have any content you would like to share? Let us know, and we would love to see them, and we’ll put them in our classes in a heartbeat! We REALLY need content! We also have live classes, if you would be interested in teaching one, let us know.

Did you know we have a Tip Jar on the website too… this is where you can support us so we can keep the Academy free for all autistic adults.Any amount is welcome! if you would like to be a sponsor we have information available as well.

Here’s a video of the closer look at Team Awesomism Virtual Academy, if you haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet.

If you have an event you would like us to promote.. please let us know and tell us how we can support your small business! we are going to be starting a feature that highlights small businesses on here so we would love to highlight yours!

Hope you stay cool and have an awesome August! We look forward to your support of our Virtual Academy! Thanks so much for reading and sharing this!

Lynne “AwesomismMom”

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