Zax Snax more than a healthy snack

Zax Snax so much more than a healthy snack! A couple of months ago my husband, Peyton and I went to a farmers market here in the Woodlands,Texas.

We love going to farmers markets, Peyton and I especially like to go. We go and hand out trifolds about Team Awesomism Virtual Academy. Part of the mission of the virtual Academy is to help support small businesses, as well.

Going to farmers markets we get to meet a lot of amazing small business owners who do support the autism community. Many don’t have large marketing budgets, they can’t always do what bigger companies can.

We decided that we want to really partner/collaborate with small businesses as much as we can.

Partnering with us shows that they are a part of the autism community in ways that other people may not even realize.

Let’s get back to Zax Snax! My husband went up to the booth first. The owner of Zax Snax was actually there, we didn’t know he was the owner.

My husband tried his snacks, my husband hates coconut and there’s coconut in it, yet he loved it.

Peyton and I tried it. Joel, who is the owner of Zax Snax, was so nice and so friendly. He was engaging with Peyton, it really touched my heart.

Not everyone is warm to Peyton even though Peyton is a very sweet natured and definitely will engage with you. He is shy because he’s autistic, sometimes people take that is being rude or aloof.

They don’t take the time to learn about either autism or to get to know him, but that’s a topic for a whole other blog!

Both Peyton and I love the snacks, we could not stop talking about them. I reached out to Joel, we had a conversation and I found out that he was homeschooled! If you know me at all, you know that I homeschooled all four of my children.

I have a special place in my heart for homeschool adults/kids/family especially for homeschoolers who have started small businesses.

Joel and I met up… We had several conversations and we decided that Zax Snax would be an absolutely perfect snack as the official snack of TeamAwesomism virtual Academy.

It is an healthy and totally delicious snack..  it is gluten-free, dairy free and vegan. Some autistic adults have food allergies, this snack is perfect for them.

He’s a wonderful guy, he gives back to the autism community! Zax Snax is the official snack of TeamAwesomism Virtual Academy!

Please check out the website here. Support him, follow him on all social media, because small businesses like this, are the backbone of America.

We are looking for other small businesses to collaborate with, as well as for sponsors.

Starting in September we have an amazing giveaway as well! We are adding a whole new segment to our Team Awesomism virtual Academy it is called Team Awesomism  membership!

It is $40 a year, yes just $40!
That includes four live events that are gonna be amazing! We will have giveaways during them too!  You join virtually to the events. There also is an exclusive newsletter! You will get all kinds of different items! including codes for small businesses to save money.

Join during the month of September, you will get your name thrown in a hat four times for a major giveaway basket. The basket  is valued at hundreds of dollars.

Join for $3.33 a month and you support us and keep TeamAwesomism Virtual Academy free for all autistic adults!!

Thanks so much for reading my blog check out this really awesome video that Peyton did about Zax Snax !

Healthy Eating!

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