Enjoy The Merry Month of May!

The merry month of May! Can you believe it is May already? I feel like just yesterday I was saying happy 2022.  This  year seems to just be flying by.

Maybe it’s because I have so much to do for the Team Awesomism Virtual Academy, and the days just keep moving along and I don’t seem to be getting to the finish line. We haven’t fully launched  the Academy yet… So maybe that’s why everything is flying along so fast?

No, I think it’s just really that’s  what time is… I was in a clubhouse room… If you’re not familiar with Clubhouse It is an app. Someone was talking about how we really need to value time more than we need to value money.

Money is something that we can always get… Lose and get again… Time cannot be given back…equally important is how we spend that time and who we choose to spend it with.

We have the old saying of “well there’s five minutes of my life that I will never get back” That’s true! It is a shame if we feel that way. It means we wasted time.

If you waste time, you never get it back. So many people are so focused on the money side of their lives, and who has what money, and who spent what money and who has what…Instead of the things that matter in life, such as happiness.

Instead of looking at how much of their time they have wasted being angry, Negative or all around being a bully to other people. Not seeing the time that they wasted being ugly to someone, they will never get back!

They will never be able to replace that time with a positive energy … We need to start really thinking about how we spend our time.

Let’s all make a resolution to enjoy the Month of May.. to spread happiness and to use our time wisely!

I know when I get things accomplished, I feel so much better and my mood improves! Example of this is when I finish my “to do/wish list” it makes me not only accomplished, but I immediately relax more.

Lots of things are happening in May.. Cinco de Mayo, Armed forces day… Memorial Day and Mother’s Day! Not to mention is a great time to fire up the grill.. hit the pool and so many other outdoor activities!

Enjoy the month of May… Don’t forget to enjoy your time alone… Enjoy your time with others, and most of all try to remember that when negative things happen.. they don’t last! Don’t spend your time focusing on the negativity.

Turn them around by focusing on the positive. I know it’s not always easy, but time is in short supply an focusing on negativity  doesn’t help your mental health. In addition to, it helps others around you, as you are then spreading positive vibes. Likewise when others around you are positive, it helps you!

As always please check out the store on my website… Proceeds from all the sales of the handmade items by Peyton, are used to keep Team Awesomism Virtual Academy free for autistic adults… We would love it if you would purchase one of our T-shirts to help us spread the word! This is one of the kindest gestures you can do for us.

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Finally, As always, thank you so much for reading my blog, and have a wonderful day. If you would like to be a guest blogger, please reach out to me, I’m always looking for guest bloggers

Lynne aka AwesomismMom


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