The Great Pizza Debate on Social Media!

The great pizza debate! What exactly does this mean?

I see people constantly arguing on Twitter about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza.

I personally never really get involved in these discussions… For multiple reasons one being I like pineapple on pizza! and I really don’t feel like having people disrespect me for having different food tastes.

Second and most importantly why I don’t get involved in these is,because there’s so many other issues that I would rather debate on Twitter.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy seeing people banter back-and-forth over silly things, because I do think we tend to get so ugly on social media.

Having these kind of “debates” actually do lighten the mood.

Pizza is one of Peyton’s very favorite foods! He has always really loved pizza.

I remember when he was young I looked at it as it was a way to get some vegetables on his plate. I would put different types of vegetables on his pizza… Although I must admit he did like plain cheese pizza best.

I love having all kinds of cheese on pizza, basically if it’s cheese I will eat it on pizza.

When my kids were young I used to make this pizza that had feta cheese, spinach, onions and tomatoes on it. They absolutely loved it and it was a good way to get them to eat something healthy.

Pizza is one of those foods, it seems like people have very strong opinions about what should be on top of it. At the same time it’s also one of those foods that you can put almost anything on top of it if you really want to.

Although, I must admit some of the toppings that people want to put on it are pretty gross. Pizza can actually almost be a work of art. It has such a wide variety of toppings that are available! If you’ve ever gone to a modern type pizza place such as MOD Pizza where you build your own… The types of toppings they offer you is just amazing.

I personally like going there, but I prefer my husband‘s homemade pizza to all other pizzas! In some ways pizza is very much like autism. Autism is such a wide and expansive spectrum. The old saying of “if you’ve met one person with autism you’ve met one person with autism”, is very true! What is true for some autistic adults is nowhere near true for others.

This is why I always say we really push Autism Acceptance, even more so than Autism awareness … Because when people come to accept that autism is such a broad spectrum they will accept the differences among autistic kids and adults so much easier.

Just like the great pizza debate… What are the proper toppings for pizza, and what are not proper toppings… We can say the same thing with autism  what characteristics really define autism?there is no right or wrong answer about how autistic adults should be!  Because autism is such a broad spectrum, I prefer to leave the definition of autism to the individual autistic person.

So next time you grab that piece of pizza… Stop and think for a moment just like you like your pizza your way… Autistic adults/kids like being their own way!!

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Lynne aka AwesomismMom


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