A cup of lavender hot chocolate

A cup of lavender hot chocolate… Does that sound good to you? It’s funny because it actually sounded really good to me… But several other people that I told about this particular a cup of hot chocolate, thought it sounded horrible.

I was out and about one day… And I saw that there was a brand new coffee shop… Close to where one of my kids lives, Had just opened.

I decided to try it… I love supporting local small businesses especially those that have just opened the brick and mortar during or soon there after the Covid insanity.

I’m a big brick and mortar person, I’ll put that straight out there right now! there’s nothing I love more than being able to be out and about with people and quite frankly I like human interaction.

But enough about that. I will have another blog, that talks about why I really support brick and mortar versus doing everything online… But back to our cup of lavender hot chocolate…

That awesome little coffee shop… Had the most amazing flavors of coffees, and all these different things that you could add into your coffee or tea or hot chocolate whatever you so desired!

As I stood there taking in this adorable brand new little coffee shop… I started to think I know Peyton loves hot chocolate and he does like to add different things into his hot chocolate… Both Peyton and I love lavender… And we like it added into items, as well as the smell and the comfort of lavender!

I asked them could you do a lavender hot chocolate? They looked at me kind of strangely and thought about it. and said absolutely they could.

I really like this  coffee shop it’s very clean and neat…. there’s a lot of little areas to it, both inside and out… And I love that they like to think outside of the box!

It’s not just your typical pick one of the six different flavors, and that’s what you get, and if you don’t get one of these you’re not One of the “cool coffee people “

I am not a coffee snob, I never have been, never will be… But I do like to have different flavors in my coffee to make an awesome cup of coffee!

Peyton doesn’t drink coffee, but he loves to drink hot chocolate… So I decided as a special surprise for him  before we went to see Batman at his favorite comic book /card shop… I would get him a lavender hot chocolate.

We stopped and got him a lavender hot chocolate… He loved it! I knew he would… He likes to try different foods/drinks which I’m very thankful for, actually all of my kids do!

I was thinking about the cup of lavender hot chocolate the other day … and I realized it was such a small thing… But it meant so much to Peyton… He’s so thankful for little things. Absolutely love that about him. He never is demanding, he goes with the flow… And is super happy to receive any kind of gift/support/Kindness.

I wish more people were like him, I wish people would be thankful for the little things they have in life, instead of having to compete with each other to be bigger and better all the time. We can all learn from that little cup of lavender hot chocolate, how it really is the little things in life that should make us smile!

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Here is the website of the awesome Coffee Shop!

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