The Fabulousness of Flipboard

Flipboard! The fabulousness of Flipboard! I usually say the Awesomism of Flipboard… But I didn’t want people to think that this blog was just about how Flipboard is absolutely awesome for Autism because it is awesome for so many things…

What is Flipboard?

If you haven’t used Flipboard, it’s an awesome app that allows its users to share and collect all types of content from many different sources and put them all in one place. It gives you the flexibility to set up your own ‘magazines’!  You can then organize valuable content that you come across or create. You can also follow public magazines that are created by others or brands.

It’s a really easy to use tool that I definitely think more people should be using. You’ll never have to worry about not being able to find something you wanted to save!

Why Should I use it?

Because Flipboard can be used to aid many activities in your day to day tasks, whether it’s for personal or business topics:

  • Keeping up with the magazines – you can add articles and a group into a magazine that can be shared with people in your team, in which they can contribute to the magazine when invited.
  • Content marketing – looking for content ideas? Flipboard has so many magazines covering lots of topics at your disposal to view, group, and take ideas for your own content marketing strategy.
  • Collaboration –  can be used to discuss ideas and concepts with clients. The clients can also use it to represent the direction they want a particular project to go in. You also actually can
  • Create your own newsletter – yes, really! Flipboard has integrated with Mailchimp to give us our new updates as an email newsletter that is then sent round the office and met with great success!
  • It is a great place to organize all your blogs, as well as podcasts!
  • Flipboard can be used both as a content creator as well as a reader. I use it as much for finding recipes, learning about subjects I am interested in, Finding great decorating tips, Travel ideas, music, small business news, world news and so much more as I do creating my own magazines.
  • I find it to be a lot more in depth than Pinterest and TBH… THIS IS MY OPINION…. much easier to use than Pinterest.
  • It is an awesome Feeder to my blogs!! I can not stress this enough.. IT IS AN AWESOME feeder…
  • You can make a private magazine with other family members and share photos, recipes, information etc…
  • The possibilities are endless… Once you get used to using it… I promise you… you will thank me!
  • This app is especially great for homeschooling because you can go back and read amazing articles that you’ve added. We even have a Team Awesomism Virtual Academy magazine where will be putting articles about life skills and social skills for autistic adults, where they will also be able to add their content to share with others.

Other Blogs and Podcasts about Flipboard

Here are some other blogs I have written about Flipboard…

Here’s a podcast about Flipboard for Homeschooling that we’ve put out a year ago.

Here’s another article from Janette Speyer, this has lots of information, Janette is a power user of Flipboard! she uses it better than anyone I know.

As always, Thanks so much for reading my blog! I hope you learned a little bit more about why I love Flipboard, and why I think it is very important for so many reasons. Here is our blog about our Team Awesomism Virtual Academy! Please take a few minutes to read as well as listen to our podcast about why we are doing the Virtual Academy! We still have space for a few sponsorships, also all the proceeds from items in our store that we sell, are used to support our Virtual Academy.. so that we can keep it free for Autistic Adults!

Lynne aka AwesomismMom


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