Is there really such a thing as good stress?

Is there really such a thing as good stress? I’ve heard people say this many times… “Good stress“ to be honest I’ve used it multiple times. I heard someone say it the other day when I was watching a business webinar.  This got me thinking about whether or not the really is such a thing as good stress.

Before I go any further with this blog let me be very clear… This is totally my opinion… Everyone may have different opinions on this, as they should!  I’m just throwing my opinion out there for food for thought. Do I really think there such a thing as good stress? For me, yes stress can really be good for me. I know that seems really strange coming for me, since I suffer from general anxiety disorder… A.k.a. GAD!

There are also many different definitions of what is “stress”. Many “experts” consider good stress like if you get on a roller coaster and you’re “stressed” because you’re really  excited about it. It is the anticipation of what is going to happen etc, a lot of people consider that good stress… My definition is a little different…

I hate to admit this but it is the truth… I tend to be one of those people who I procrastinate when I really have to do something. Some of that is definitely because of my anxiety, But some of it is just my personality flaw. Sometimes I find that when I procrastinate… am hit with time crunch or other situation, I tend to get very stressed. With that stress level raised, tends to force me to want to make sure that when I accomplish whatever it is, that I have to accomplish, I do it much better…

That may sound strange, and I’m probably in a rare group that this happens with, but it really is true for me. I find that when I’m under stress, not in all situations, but in some situations. I tend to be a lot more thorough and in-depth in what I am doing. Maybe because I don’t want to have to go back and redo some thing, instead I handle it all so that the stress is done.  I have a bigger feeling of accomplishment. So in this case, stress can be good for me, because it forces me to handle a situation that I may not otherwise handle in the positive way.

That is not to say that I should be delaying everything… Pushing myself to the brink of complete and total stress, and then I will accomplish things… I should be better organized. I should be better at handling things, when they come up rather than putting them off, would eliminate a lot of the stress in my life if I was better organized.

I’m 61 years old and I’ve spent most of my life with that kind of “lifestyle” maybe lifestyle isn’t the right word… But I think you understand. Back to my original point, can stressed be good? Yes, I think it can at least it can for me.

If you have the kind of personality that you do better under stress… Go with it and work with it, learn how to live with it. Try to make it so that the stress does not consume you, instead it motivates you! We all have different personalities, we all have quirks, we all have different type of viewpoints. Each of us must go with what is best for you, what works for you is what you should do.

If you really can’t deal with stress, then figure out how to work with in your life to remove the stress. This is the best advice I can give to you, and I hope you come away with from this blog is be yourself, if stress is good for you work with it if stress is bad for you figure out how to fix it… Be completely your self!

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Lynne aka AwesomismMom

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