Thanks! I really needed that

Thanks! I really needed that… I find myself saying this quite often… I find others saying it to me, when I send words of encouragement. I was really reflecting on this the other day… What is it that we really need? Do we need the reaffirmation from someone else’s words that we are OK? That we will Make it through another day… Week… Month… Etc. etc.? Do these positive words really give us a better sense of positive emotions? Or is it just really the fact that someone cares enough to send us something positive?

I think for me it’s a combination of both… Sometimes I really need to hear something very simple… Such as “don’t let others define you” do I know this? Of course I do, but do I always believe it? Absolutely not!!

Social media can be a really negative place… Too often people are mean… Bully… And can be outright cruel, for absolutely no reason. Sometimes it’s because people have a different opinion on sports, politics, way of life etc.… It can be really hard on the average person, because so many people compare their real life to “made up“ lives of others.

I see people all the time on social media that I know are struggling, pretending that they have it all going on and that their life is perfect…

While I don’t advocate for people to sit on Twitter or any other social media app and complain all the time, I do think that some balance of reality can be beneficial especially for someone who is struggling. The person who is reading other people struggles at times, can really help them understand that they’re not the only one going through this really tough time right now…

For those who are actually putting the reality out there, can have a burden off their shoulders. I wish more people would just realize how much a little empathy/compassion can really help others. People love to point fingers at other people and say aren’t they a bad person, and that makes me a better person… It’s such a screwed up way of thinking… Someone else being bad doesn’t make you better, in fact if you relish and point fingers at other people, you probably have a lot going on inside of you that you refuse to accept.

I believe that’s why when we come into contact with people who are truly caring and compassionate, and not judgemental and finger-pointing… We feel so much better around them and their words can mean so much more to us…

Next time somebody says to you thanks so much I really needed that … Stop for a moment, pause and think about how do you made that person’s day a little better… Use the positive reinforcement, not only for yourself… But to share it with somebody else… A little act of kindness and compassion can go a really long way.

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  1. I’m absolutely loving reading your blogs. I love to be encouraging and to be encouraged. It makes me feel like someone really cares about what I may be going through.

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