Grillin For Awesomism

Grillin For Awesomism…. is an awesome project that was started by myself… Awesomismmom, Peyton ….. Team Awesomism and Chris… White Bulls BBQ.

We are all very excited about this project… It has been months in the making… One of the things that I’m very adamant about… And have been the entire time I have been a full-time Autism Activist… Is Autism Acceptance and Activism.

I have been an autism blogger for many years.. I have never presented myself as a therapist or an expert on autism… Instead, I have presented myself as an expert in our life, in our household with an autistic adult. I started blogging when Peyton was a teenager… And still do now that he is almost 22. Peyton blogs as well… I’ve had people think that I’ve written his blogs… Which I find disrespectful… Because Peyton is very capable of writing and he does.

For the last couple years I’ve been trying to find unique ways to get out there and promote Acceptance & Activism.
When Peyton was named the brand ambassador for Taco Uppercut Seasoning… Chris and I sat down and had a really long talk about how to truly promote Acceptance and Activism.

One reason why I really love having Peyton be the brand ambassador for White Bulls is that Chris is truly 100% on board… He’s not doing this… Meaning supporting our mission and having Peyton as an autism Ambassador… Because it’s the “right thing“ to do… It’s because He truly wants to raise Acceptance and Activism for autistic adults. Too often autistic adults are left out of the conversation… I am working with WBBBBQ to try to change that.

We all really believe that great food leads to great conversations… What better way to raise Acceptance and Activism, than through great conversations? This sentence was our theme for our Grillin For Autism campaign… We plan to really add onto this by making Grillin For Awesomism… a well know phrase.

We are planning on not only having merchandise but videos, blogs, podcasts and more that promote working with Autistic adults and their families where they share how they have used food to help raise Autism Acceptance and Activism.

Next week will be our kickoff! we are so excited for this kickoff and truly hope you will join us on the adventure. Autistic adults will be the focus of this campaign and how they use food to promote Autism Acceptance and Activism.

Autism is a lifestyle, as is eating….autism acceptance and activism adds so many positive outcomes for autistic adults and their families… just like WBBBQ is a positive addition to food that takes food from good to great!

Please follow along with us as we lay out this campaign!

Here are some amazing recipes where we used WBBBQ… hope you enjoy…

Tex Mex Sausage Recipe on Team Awesomism

Peyton’s Chili Mac and Cheese Recipe

Taco Uppercut Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe

As always please follow us on social media, as well as joining email lists on both AwesomismMom and White Bull’s BBQ! Also, check out the video of Peyton with his new shirt he got!

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