Taco Uppercut Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe

Taco Uppercut Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe… but first before we get to that… let me give you a little background on how we got here and why we have this recipe!

When Peyton was the named of the brand ambassador for White Bulls Taco Uppercut Seasoning, I was super excited.I love trying different types of seasonings in recipes… My husband is a huge Tex-Mex fan, so I was excited to have this type of seasoning, where the flavors would really blend well with Tex-Mex. I also LOVE that it is All Natural!

Peyton began experimenting and creating his own recipes using the seasoning.The more recipes he came up with, the more I loved taco uppercut.

I started to realize that this is probably one of the most diverse seasonings I have ever had. We use it on so many things… So I decided why not share some of my recipes, as well as ways that we use it.

I hope you join me for this five day series of stories… Recipes… Pictures… And more!  about why we love taco Uppercut and why Peyton is so proud to be the brand ambassador for this seasoning…

Being named Brand Ambassador  was a very big deal for Peyton… As an autistic adult, he so often feels that he is looked past. He has so much to offer… He loves to cook… And he’s very good at it. He cooks by himself, and makes a lot of dishes… as well as recipes, all by himself. When my husband was out on the oil rig… Peyton would make dinner for us several times a week, as well as lunch! He would always decide what to make, and then make it himself.

This is an excellent Life Skill and I am very proud of him….

Having been asked to be the brand ambassador for Taco Uppercut… Not only was really amazing for him as an autistic adult… But it also allowed him to showcase a lot of his talents… That others did not even know he had. He takes this very seriously, and also runs the website for White Bulls.

Peyton and I discussed how to share all our recipes and ideas for Taco Uppercut and decided to write a week worth of blogs!

This first recipe, is one I made… it is super easy, but is so diverse in what you can use it for…

Taco Uppercut salad dressing/dip!

Take 8 ounces of inexpensive ranch salad dressing… add 1 Tablespoon of Taco Uppercut Seasoning and shake!!

This can be used as a salad dressing… on chicken as a marinade… as a dip for crackers.. celery.. cheese.. pretzels and just about ANYTHING you want!

We will have many recipes for all kinds of meals… I really hope you follow along and we really look forward to your feedback, as well as your recipes…using Taco Uppercut.. We will share them on our Social media, as well as blog!

Here are several recipes that Peyton put out…

Tex Mex Sausage Recipe: Team Awesomism and White Bull’s BBQ

Peyton’s Spanish Rice Recipe: AwesomismMom and White Bull’s BBQ

Peyton’s Chili Mac and Cheese Recipe: AwesomismMom and White Bull’s BBQ

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