5 Reasons Why Self-Care is Important and Powerful for Your Health

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Self-care has become popular in mainstream media. But what exactly is self-care?

It’s taking care of yourself and making sure you’re your own number one priority. Your own health should not come second. Here’s why self-care is so important and powerful for your health?

1. If you won’t take care of yourself, who will?

I’ll say it, most people will put themselves first, and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. You have to do that as well, because if you won’t fight for yourself, who will? Every time you put yourself second or even third, you’re telling yourself someone else is more important than your well-being.

Start focusing on your needs and wants, instead of trying to please everyone else.

2. Having a good relationship with yourself helps create good relationships with others.

To create healthy relationships with others, you need to first create one with the person you spend the most time with. Yourself.

If your mind is filled with negative thoughts and criticisms, then those thoughts will become actions. You don’t have to love yourself to love others, but taking care of yourself helps maintain healthy relationships. When you accept yourself for who you are, you don’t depend on other people’s approval and/or love.

This way you’re more likely to stay out of toxic relationships(platonic & romantic), and know when someone is manipulating your love. You’re also likely to believe that you will find someone who actually loves you, and wouldn’t hurt you.

3. It improves all aspects of your health (e.g. mental, physical, social)

Self-care comes in many different ways, some improve your mental health, while others work on your physical health. Self-care improves your mental health because it encourages you and you start to think more positive thoughts..

You can do this by challenging and inspiring yourself, like reading books, listening to podcasts, solving puzzles(e.g sudoku, crosswords). Using daily affirmations and mantras are also types of self-care that improve mental health.

Improving your physical health is a part of self-care, as the connection between your body and mind is strong. When you care for your body, you think and feel better. Examples of this are getting enough sleep, limiting eye strain, eating healthier and fueling your body, exercising or doing some physical activity that benefits your body. Taking your meds, watching your sugar and alcohol intake are all self-care.

Social health is another important aspect of your health! This was mentioned before in the 2nd point, close connections are important to our well-being. When you don’t treat yourself with respect, you’re lowering the bar for the way others treat you. Some social self-care methods are to have a night out with your friends, you can go out to eat, watch a movie, go shopping, etc.

Calling/texting your family, and keeping up with your old friends are more ways. Cook dinners with your loved ones, or exercise together. Even cuddling with your pet, or going on walks with them is self-care.

Self-care is great in improving all parts of your health. Only you know what your body needs.

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4. You’re less likely to experience emotional health issues

Emotional health issues like stress, anxiety, and depression are linked to your mental health.

So, by accepting and loving yourself, you’ll lessen the chance of having these issues and/or the impact of them on your life. Stress, for example, can be a result of many different things. Whether those are external or internal, you can always work on the internal factors. Like self-image, consuming too many negative things(news, sugar, alcohol), relationships, overworking, etc.

Some ways to decrease emotional health issues with self-care are moving your body, even if it’s just a small walk or yoga. Relaxing and letting go of all bad thoughts, playing with your pet, doing something you love doing, and more.

5. Increases your productivity and positive thinking

The more confident you are in yourself, the less negative thoughts you’ll have of yourself and others. Productivity is increased when you have a clear mind and are focused. When you spend time by yourself, and reflect, you’re more likely to remove unwanted thoughts.

Studies show that alone time can increase creativity, empathy, and productivity. When you feel stuck, I suggest taking a break and working on something else. Or do some simple self-care like having a snack, going on a walk, stretching.  When you’ve processed your problems, and had time to think about it, you’re less likely to be unfocused and/or confused.

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Those are 5 reasons why self-care is important and powerful for your health. From focusing on yourself to increasing productivity, self-care has a lot of positive effects.

What are your favorite ways to practice self-care? Let me know in the comments below.

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