How Can Young Adults With Disabilities Start a Career in Business?

How Can Young Adults With Disabilities Start a Career in Business? We are so honored to have Tanya as our guest blogger… Please take a moment to read and share with others, as this blog contains very important information and resources.


If you’re a young person with a disability such as autism, you may find it difficult to
navigate a career path. This could be due to a lack of support, which can undermine your
self-confidence. At the same time, autism affects communication skills, which could put you
at a disadvantage when competing with others. But with improved self-belief and the right
career choice, you’ll be able to fulfill your potential and achieve your dreams.
The world of business offers numerous employment opportunities and will help you
develop the entrepreneurship skills to start your own business and become independent.
Read on for an overview of the steps to create a successful business career.

Enroll in a Business Degree Program 
Enrolling in a business degree program is the first step toward building a career in
business. The education you receive provides you with essential knowledge and skills that
qualify you to get jobs. In Houston, TX, various universities offer several business degree
programs you can enroll in, including business administration, entrepreneurship, and
project management. Additionally, you can attend classes physically or choose an online

Look for Internship Opportunities 
To enhance your classroom learning, find an internship program. Internships provide
professional learning opportunities that give you practical experience. An internship gives
you an opportunity to explore careers, network, and improve your business skills. Follow
these steps to get the right internship program for your career growth: begin by identifying
the skills you want to gain. Then, search for potential employers and check opportunities in
your university database. Prepare your documents and send out your applications, then
make follow-up calls.

One of the advantages of working toward a business degree is that it develops your
capacity for innovation. You can create your own internship if you find it difficult to find
one due to your disability. You could write a proposal on the gaps in the market or skills
you want to develop, then send it to organizations that can help you develop such skills.

Land Your First Entry-Level Job 
After completing your business degree, the next step is to get your first entry-level job. — a
job for fresh graduates without any professional working experience. Getting an entry-level
job can be challenging, especially if you’re a person with autism, as the condition may limit
your verbal communication skills.
You can use some creative ways to expand your professional network and make it easier to
get your first entry-level job. One such method is creating a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is an
extensive professional network where you can meet potential employers.

When creating a profile, use a professional display picture and adequately state your qualifications. You can
also make specific and positive posts pertaining to your field of specialization and ensure
you respond in a timely manner and respectfully to inquiries.

Start Your Career in Business Today
Launch your career in business by enrolling in a business degree program, getting an
internship, and looking for an entry-level job. If you’re raising a young person with autism
in Houston, TX, contact AwesomismMom today for more tips and information on helping
those with autism build life and social skills.

Awesomism Mom is the co-founder of TeamAwesomism Virtual Academy, that provides
online courses and resources for autistic adults. Peyton, her adult autistic son, is also a
founder and one of the academy’s success stories. In addition to many online courses, the
academy provides a supportive community for its members, who can interact with each other
and share advice and tips. You can find more information at

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