We are full of Holiday spirit and gifts!

We are full of Holiday Spirit and Gifts! We have many updates to share with you and we are super excited about them. Please read to the end!

Our road trip for autism came to an end a little over a month ago and have moved to the Orlando, Florida area! We are finally settled in our new home!

They say when you are younger, you build your friends, when you are older, you build a network. Florida is where my friends and my network is!

Our road trip was extremely successful. Here is a video recap of our trip as well as what we learned on this trip. We did this road trip for autism because we want Team Awesomism to truly be a refection of  what the adult autism community wants. This was a VERY eye opening trip, as we learned a lot!  We are ready to put our findings into practice, This is why we are so excited to share this video with you!

We’re sooooo excited to announce that the app will officially be launched soon!!! The content will include blogs, podcasts, Awesomism heroes, small businesses owned by autistic adults/autism families, autism-friendly businesses, music, roundtable events with experts and others, as well as a founder’s board.

The cost for the app will be $4.99 a month, and VIP will be $9.99. If you join teammates before the app is out for $40 or have done the $40, you will get 18 months for free.

If you join teammates before the app is out for $100 or have done the $100 or more, you will get 18 months VIP for free, which will also include live online events. We are so happy that this soon will be out!

Please check out our latest Team Awesomism Podcast episode where I discuss with Autism Barks owner, AJ Cullen Langell. Here’s the link: Talking with AJ Cullen Langell, Owner of Autism Barks

We will be collaborating with Autism Barks on other projects to help autistic adults. Also, If you have someone who needs a Therapy Dog, Please check out  Autism Barks! This is a beautiful way to help others. In addition to helping clear the shelters!

If you would like to collaborate and you own a small business, we would love to connect with you. Please email me at lynne@awesomismmom.com.

We at Team Awesomism, believe Golf is a great game for autistic adults. This is something we have been looking to expand on in the Academy. We have connected with an amazing company, Yardstick Golf. This is a very unique and awesome golf concept. Check out this website,  This is something we would love to add to Team Awesomism. Contact Yard Stick Golf at info@yardstickgolf.com

Here are some awesome shopping ideas for the holiday season. We have items in our store, including the “Fight for a Cause not Applause” products that are on Teamawesomism.com!

We love all the products from Rose’s Natural! Use the code TeamAwesomism20 when purchasing for the 20% discount on products.

Use Awesomism10 when getting the Taco Uppercut in White Bull’s BBQ. This is the best seasoning out there!

Looking to look your best this season? Head over to Haus of Belle Boutique Her clothes are gorgeous and very well priced!

Another amazing company we have connected with is Color Me Crazies! Love their business model… Such an awesome business! Great idea for gifts!

We have been blessed at Team Awesomism to get the support from up-and-coming country music artists. These artists are just like small startups, they work very hard to get their product out… their music. So please consider adding them to your playlist, following them on social media and sharing with country music lovers.
Here are just a few of our favorites: Brandon Hodde, here is a podcast with him on it. CJ Kern, Ryan Talley, Justin Lynn Bailey and Cowboy Dehaan.

Also, we highly recommend these beautifully written books by Cecil Stokes. An award winning author and director, these books are perfect as a gift, or for personal use. You can contact Cecil for a personal autograph book and more details at cecilstokes@mac.com.

We cannot say enough good about Cowboy Jack! His videos on YouTube are some of the best we’ve ever seen. They are fun, you can learn a lot, and you can go out of the room and not worry what your kids are watching.

We put out a new

Have you read my latest blog on AwesomismMom about Ziggy Bars and the health benefits of the snacks?  Not to mention they are now partnering with us to help autistic adults! Also, great idea for this holiday season when we all tend to eat, shall we say, not the best!

Here’s one of our favorite recipes blog that we’ve put out on AwesomismMom last year called Crockpot Corn Casserole Recipe! There is also did a video where we show you how to make a Corn Casserole on the crockpot!

If you are looking for recipes that are easy and delicious during this holiday season, please check out my friend Vickie Wright’s YouTube channel.

Here’s a Christmas blog that we’ve put out in the past titled Christmas Countdown.

Thank you very much for reading this! We look forward to having you join us as a teammate member. We’re wishing you a blessed and awesome holiday season! Be sure to follow us on all of our social media account. Please subscribe to our Team Awesomism YouTube channel!

Lynne “AwesomismMom”

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