Ziggy Bars delights our Tummies

Ziggy Bars delights our Tummies! I never thought I’d be writing a blog about our tummies.. but here we are!
How did we get here? A couple weeks ago Ziggy reached out to me… Well, not really Ziggy, the owners of the company. : )

They asked me if I would be willing to review their product. I will review products, if it is something that would be good for the autism community. Although, as of late, I have not spent a lot of time reading blogs because of my work on Team Awesomism Virtual academy.  This product definitely interested me.

When I was a speaker at ICAN Dubai at the end of April, I learned so much about how our gut health affects our brain. This company is working to help with gut health.

I also learned that gut health can be many different things. One of those things is how shall we say… Go number two?

Many times people who are extremely anxious, including those in the autism community, but not limited to, and can have issues with their gut because of their stress and anxiety. Both Peyton and I have had issues over the years. Peyton being an autistic adult fits with this company. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and GAD (General Anxiety Disorder)
We agreed to try these bars ,because we at Team Awesomism work very hard every single day, to try to help turn autism into Awesomism!

Researching different companies, products, and other items are a part of what we are doing, as well. Both Peyton and I tried these bars and I have to tell you not only do they taste delicious, but they definitely work. They are all natural, so you also don’t have to worry about having preservatives and additives.

The bars come in three different flavors, peanut butter, chocolate and cinnamon oat. All three are absolutely delicious, my favorite is the cinnamon oat. These bars are great as a snack or an addition to your breakfast.

Peyton’s favorite is the peanut butter. We put them in a bowl in our kitchen and grabbed one each morning. We each also had one in the evening. They’re super easy to remember to eat and they’re delicious.

One of the things that I like best about them, I didn’t get the side effect of the gurgling tummy and neither did Peyton. Too often when I eat fiber type of foods, we get the “gurgles”. No one likes a gurgling tummy especially when you are out in public.

The fact they taste delicious and really work, and don’t have the side effects of stomach aches, etc. is a very big positive.

Being a start up company who started for the right reasons, is important. This company is not using the autism community to grow their business. They are working to actually help the autism community with an issue that many autistics, especially autistic adults deal with. There is a very big difference! Equally important is that this company SUPPORTS the autism community

We at Team Awesomism are honored to work with them, we support their mission, and it fits with the mission of our company. We believe in autism acceptance and Autism Activism. This company is an example of both. They accept that autistic adults may have issue with their gut health, and they actively found a solution.

For more information on this company check out their website

Here is a referral link as well

For more information about Team Awesomism check out our website

We look forward to hearing how Ziggy has helped delight your Tummy!

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