Team Awesomism, BBQ and Country Music

Team Awesomism, BBQ and country music. What do these three things have in common? Probably more than meets the eye. Well to start with I love all three, especially Awesomism.

My passion and compassion is totally to make team virtual Awesomism Virtual Academy a major success. So that we can truly help as many autistic adults as possible. I love barbecue, I especially love seasonings and sauces you can use on just about anything. I’m a massive fan of country music, but enough about me lol!

There’s a lot more to these three then probably many people realize. If you are on Instagram, you have probably come across multiple BBQ  small businesses. Different individuals who love to barbecue and grill. They love share all of their secrets, tips, ideas and recipes.

You have also probably come across a lot of up-and-coming country music artists. I must admit I get a lot of these ads in my Instagram stories, because I do love country music and BBQ. I cannot just pass on by, I have to look at each and every one, even if I don’t follow them.

So why is this blog all about country music, barbecue and obviously the VirtualAcademy? Because here’s the most important thing that they have in common PASSION to succeed. I find that the individuals in the barbecue and the country music industry, have a lot of passion for what they do!

I wish more people would look at these two individual entities  as truly small businesses. People are always saying support small, and many do. You should support small businesses, as they are the backbone of America. So are country music artist and barbecue guys!

It may not be the “normal“ way to support a small business. Yet there are many ways that you can support, country music artists, and barbecue guys. You can listen to their music, add their music to videos.  You can share their music on all your social media platforms. Most of all tell your friends and family, who love country music, all about them. Same goes for barbecue guys.

You can also support Team Awesomism Virtual Academy in the same way! I wrote this blog to show you autism isn’t a separate issue, rather it is an inclusive issue. Some autistics own small businesses. Many are working every day by following their passions to raise autism acceptance.

The sooner we focus on autism ACCEPTANCE and understanding that the word inclusion really means EVERYONE!  That includes autistic individuals and small businesses. The sooner we give autistic adults the respect and support they deserve!

As always thank you for reading my blog, please share! here is a blog I think you might also enjoy! To support Team Awesomism Virtual Academy, please go here.


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